Goliath vs Mines


Can someone explain to me what i should do vs a Medic standing on a small hill with 5 mines as Goliath?
Firebreath does not reach, going up is death. Ignoring is no option because its caira.

only thing left is throwing rocks??

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Careful of language, but fire breath > mines. Also, you can intentionally explode a mine to cause the Hunter to get knocked back and get them out of the first for a couple seconds. Also, You can fire breath and then Leap + Climb to get near the top.


Good news is you will only take one mine worth of damage. Mines don’t stack. But it is a tricky trap lol.


is she the last remaining hunter?

are you full armor?

do you have alot of hp still?

if you answered yes to any of these, you beast mode that shit and stop acting like a panzy lol :slight_smile:

if your low tho why not armor up and do other things. then next area they fight they might not have that set up again and they all have strikes. the game ends when you want it too in that circumstance.


Eat the damage. The hunters played that one well.

Alternately, find another high point and leap toward the medic hill, and breathe fire at the mines in midair.


I say get a good vantage point and snipe with a rock or climb up hit one mine and destroy the rest because you cannot put mines on top of each other.


You can also jump over them. Mines aren’t that deadly honestly. If she’s going to sit in them then just go away to the other side of the dome or map. They rely on you playing badly as the monster and yoloing into them. Rockthrow kills them, flamebreath kills them and they also throw the hunter around. You can also just hit them if the assault is throwing them on top of you.


You can try and throw a rock at them depending on your aim or try jumping up and using Fire breath while in Mid air to try n clear a few on the edge. If it works climb up and demo, Maybe she’ll get the hint and jump off after that… Who knows?


Think clear and think smart about your decisions.


firebreath does nothing from below. mines damage stacks. this out of the way.
it is on relay fight, there is no point going to the other side of the map.

climbing while spewing fire did not work either.


climb up. eat one. then flame the rest. she has to jump at that point anyway. you should only take 1 mine damage. even if two go off as you get up there it will count as 1.


Look up into the sky then leap while using Fire Breath and then look at where the mines are so it destroys them.


Except that you can run through the mines, kill the medic and then leave the area and re armor. So there is a point to going to the other side of the map. I see the issue here. You just want to complain about something instead of figuring out how to fight it.


Rock or fire, yeah.

Remember they can’t overlap each other, so start using fire once you make it up.


i dont complain, i asked a question. now kindly bugger off with those comments, thanks!

thats the first usefull tip here. thanks man, ill try that next time.


Hey, I said that up in the first few posts :stuck_out_tongue: I want to shine like a diamond to! :smiley:


I didn’t read any complaint from OP. I read asking for ideas. Im sure everyone is oversensitive from the amount of vitriol people have excreted in these forums but try not to confuse someone asking for help with someone whining.


I don’t see it. All you said was fire breath while climbing up. That would have lost the Goliath some armor or even permanent health pool if the mines were literally there. Different from what I said.


If you aim up while climbing you can hit the mines before they explode. It’s just like countering roaching only with mines instead of players. I also said you could leap and fire breath them.


Problem is, your climbing technique doesn’t works against areas with little height. By the time he climbed and breathe fire, the area of effect could have already affect him. And no. Leaping while looking up to the sky to reduce distance coverage (momentarily suspended in the air like a ghost) allows better control over burning the mines without risking damage to yourself.