Goliath vs Maggie - How do you keep from wasting most of your abilities?

If I’m not wasting an ability because my elbow brushes a tree, or some wildlife bumps me, or the ability itself just bugs out and doesn’t go where I’m aiming, I’m losing it because Maggies harpoons are instant hard counters to ******* everything.

How do you good goliath players deal with this crap? Playing Goliath against a good Maggie who knows how to spread out harpoons is the most maddening thing I’ve ever experienced in this game.

And please god don’t tell me to just destroy them because they go off before you can do so. FB is incredibly unreliable for clearing them and again this is against a GOOD maggie who knows how to spread them out.


I was waiting for someone to eventually say it as I agree with you.

I for one think Maggie needs a different dynamic to her harpoons than just being a standard harpoon that stops whatever you are doing.

I would like to see a single harpoon not hamper your moves as much and not stop an ability but the dynamic of it is to make harpoon nests or being nabbed by multiple at once more dangerous or just getting hit by multiple harpoons stack with every one that hits you.

Sort of like how Behemoth is effected by harpoons currently as a single harpoon doesn’t flat out stop his momentum but hampers him a tad but being pierced by multiple stacks the effect to the point he needs to leave his roll to manually break them with a melee. I would like to see this put on Goliath but to a lesser effect so Behemoth sort of has his own unique feature or buffed version of this compared to Goliath.

I mean you have 5 harpoon traps and I honestly don’t see why 1 should flat out effect you to highest degree currently as it does and I feel like it should take more. I mean since you have 5 the effect one has currently is great and I feel it is a tad too great.


Totally agree, the harpoons seem fine against Kraken (I say this as a Kraken main). But against Goliath it is just brutal. I’m not the best goliath player, but damn. Combined with all his other issues it just feels like I’m doing a whole lot of nothing the entire round.


See with Kraken and Wraith in gameplay terms it is justifiable as these monsters have a lot of freedom without hard CC but for guys like Goliath and Behemoth that are clunkier with their movements it shouldn’t 100% hamper them and while it doesn’t for Behemoth it needs a change for Goliath as well.

Why don’t you just destroy them?

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Because against a good team you have other priorities over destroying harpoon traps. You can’t “just destroy them” while Maggie’s is running in circles placing them down

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Yeah but… Like… Ugh, how do I even explain this…

Maggie is probably the trapper I have the least trouble with IN COMBAT. Tracking, she’s the bane of my existence. Those harpoons have never really affected me… Hm, idk what to tell you. I just break them and move away, and sometimes I just avoid them if I can. Nine times out of ten hunters won’t move into a trap field, so I rarely have to go in there.

I would just not pick goliath anymore until he’s fixed. Hes just… Bad right now


Maggie is fine. All the trappers are in a really good place right now, minus the domes. The only thing else I would do is revert Griffin back to pre patch status. But back on topic, simply destroy the harpoons with abilities, or just smack them off of you. If they’re kiting around in a circle, don’t chase and just run the opposite way so they run into you. Alternatively, if whatever theyre kiting around is short enough, just climb it and leap smash on top of them.

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He’s the worst console monster, but it can be worked around.

Crying is very good to release all the pent up stress. That’s my favorite counter.


Forget console, he’s the worst everything monster right now. ._. Though Behemoth, in higher level play, is arguably worse. :S

I never have too many problems at all with Maggie. What you really need to be scared of is a good Griffin, because you cant destroy his harpoons before they are armed and if he is good enough he can keep harpooning you until the dome is ready.

I’ll agree with you on the Goliath part. However on console, behemoth is actually op.

…I fail to comprehend that. COnsole players have the same movement controls. Kiting him shouldn’t be an issue. ._.

He’s fairly easy to kite. It’s the fact that once he gets you, especially with a tongue grab, you’re done. The fact that pc players can literally melt his health also helps. Check out flippy103 on twitch if you’d like to see. He’s a behemoth player and is undefeated in esl as him.

Lucky you. The hunters I’ve been playing against are always within the trap field. Can’t focus anyone without getting interrupted. Try relocating and she just spams some more down.

Alright, so I’ve developed several habits against Maggie that might be helpful.

First off, you must consider where you are fighting, if you can, fight in areas where there aren’t line of sight breaks, good Maggies make as many single traps hit you as they can. So it’s best to avoid areas where they can shove traps into little nooks and crannies.

If for some reason, you chose to fight on the hunter’s terms, it’s best to try to trigger as many traps as possible, so you break all of them at once.

Another thing, the traps have a timer before they fire, approximately half a second. It’s best to wait about half a second before you use an ability, as to make traps pointless. It may be hard to counter newly set traps, but you can hear a very clear beep when the trap is ready.

And a little Goliath tip, if you leap smash away from a harpoon, you will immediately fall to the ground, this can be used to do instant damage if a hunter is close to you.

I realize I should probably clarify what I mean by line of sight breaks. Monsters need large line of sight breaks, while hunters need small line of sight breaks, it’s best to make sure hunters have the least amount of small line of sight breaks as possible.


THANK GOD!!! SOMEONE GETS IT. Mag’s harpoons are damn strong.

Would it be possible to move out of range and of the harpoons and out of LOS, making them come to you? If they do come to you, it could go either way. If they don’t however, then you are free to do whatever.