Goliath Vs Kraken


So I’ve been watching a lot of tournament matches of e3 and I’ve notice that no-one is playing Goliath. Is this to showcase Kraken or are the players willingly chosing Kraken over Goliath?


I’m guessing it’s to showcase Kraken. Goliath has had his time at other events. Notice how Val, Griffin, Markov and Hank also didn’t get played


Yeah I don’t think they were in the e3 build everyone was playing.


Correct. E3 was showcasing the new hunters (Hyde, Maggie, Lazarus, & Bucket) and monster (Kraken). New people don’t really know how to play all the characters well off the bat, so throwing in both sets of monsters and hunters would have probably been super confusing.

The title of this thread did peak my interest. If such a thread already exists I would appreciate someone linking it for me, but I’m curious…

Which monster would you play and why?


Such a thread does exist! Time for the big question!

I chose Goliath because he’s big, he’s in your face, and he’s inspired by my favorite monster Godzilla.

I would like to know how Goliath compares in game though to Kraken in terms of stats. Who does more damage, who wins more, who is larger, I know Goliath has more armor and health because he is primarily melee but it would be cool to see a dev comparison of them too.


If in game you are aware of which map you’ll spawn in before chosing a monster then it can depend. If it’s the damn I would definitley go Kraken because the large caves and open spaces allow for it to use it’s mobility as much as possible whilst still having places to hide behind. Whilst maps with large open skies seem too exposed for the kraken making the goliath a better choice as it can possibly hide in the shrubbery. The two playstyles obviously differ but it seems like Kraken is a better monster. The flying. The appearence. He can get away from damage (pesky flame throwers) while still being able to dish out insane amounts of damage. In a full out all in fight goliath might have the slight advantage but kraken can put traps, vortex keeps dangerous enemies away. His utility is very powerful making him possibly more versatile.


I saw a Gamespot article where they said Kraken was pretty much flat-out better than Goliath and they had played both.

I really hope this isn’t the case and at release we don’t have just a flood of Krakens and no Goliaths…I would love to a release Goliath just stomp everyone and show he is king!


you don’t happen to have any links to goliath gameplay? I’ve feel like I really understand how Kraken works because I’ve seen soooooo many matches at e3. I know all his ablities and I’ve seen advanced ways to use them. Goliath on the other hand I just recently discovered he could breath flames. I’ve been unable to find multiple gameplay footage as most of videos on youtube seem to be a re-hash of the same one.


I’ll be playing Goliath mostly I think. He’s more relatable, and his attacks are more likely to land (except rock throw obviously) whereas with Kraken abilities like Vortex and Lightning Strike seem to be able to be avoided quickly


If you search for “Evolve Interactive Trailer” that’s about the only “full” game of Goliath that’s out there as far as I am aware. There is some handshot footage from PAX East too.


Well I can tell you some general facts in comparing them. Currently Goliath has more health and armor than Kraken and I think it is going to stay like that. Although Kraken will have less hit points, his naturally ability to fly around can help mitigate damage. This makes him harder to hit compared to the bulky, in your face, damage soaking sponge, target that is Goliath.

In terms of size, I believe Goliath is larger and heavier, though @GentlemanSquirl could give a better answer since he deals with their models in detail and could probably give some hard numbers about their sizes at each stage.

Win Ratio wise, I think it’s been pretty even over all, though we focused play testing Kraken more lately for the sake of having as well a polished demo as possible for the folks at E3.


Personnaly I really like the design of the Goliath ^^ But choosing one monster could reduce the fun…
I’ll play every monsters, for sure. At least I can say Goliath and Kraken looks very nice to play !


I know it’s a strange comment, but I really like the way Kraken runs. Well done to whoever animated that from Turtle Rock


Likewise with Goliath, very smooth and natural


I actually think all the animations are very well done for this game.

Did anyone notice how when Bucket deploys his turrets, they flare the jets on either side as it stabilizes?

Goliath’s climb is also very cool imo. Animation is something that can be hard to get down just right, and TR should be commended for doing such a good job. High detail models still look ugly if they aren’t well animated.


True !..
Even a simple thing like this impression of “broken leg” when you hit an animal ! Nice ^^


I just realised though Goliath might be better at attacking the generator. With it’s extra health and damage it can “siege” the generator maybe plowing through the defenses faster and better.




i thought that goliaths design is really straightforward especially compared to kraken which relies on skillshots/crowd control and clear planning since you’re ranged and don’t want the assault to close in your face. Kraken also got the ability to make a sweet ambush thanks to banshee mines. Can’t wait to see the full potential of kraken since he’s harder to master than goliath(in my eyes). So i will wait with my judegement.


I’ll have to say the Goliath, I wanna be bashing faces and leaping like King Kong! And can you say flame breath? I want my enemies to feel my fire!