Goliath vs. Chase Comp


Just got creamed in under 4 minutes in ranked from the infamous chase comp. I’ve mostly been playing casual, I find ranked fairly fast. But been so. Hesitant Because of the forums warning about the chase.

I thought I’d end my night with a hard fought victory or a close loss. Something fun, but fuck was I wrong. Loading screen, Val/ Sunny/ Grif/ Parnell.

I couldn’t even make it past stage one. I left a false track, went to an obscure feeding route with mostly striders instead of MBs. Idk if it was the 60 meter sound spike or what, but they found me fast. Combat was worse, Goliath CAN NOT handle sunny. The only range attack is his rock throw, and if you throw to early, they dodge or she helps them dodge, or you try to fake them out, hold it forever and soak damage. Even then she will most likely help them dodge at the last second.

Kraken, Behemonth, and Gorgon I feel can handle Sunny. But I want to play as Goliath. Are there any Goliath players who fought the chase comp and lived to tell?


Tons! With the chase comp and goliath is that you have to prioritize targets, sunny should be your overall number 1 target. Getting to stage 2 is just as easy; generally with griff, you’ll see that he needs to be pretty close and sunny is boosting 24/7 when he poons you, turn around with a leap and flame charge combo get him down and run. Eat; stage up, from here it’s all skill.


Just gotta target Sunny down as best you can.

Be glad it’s not Val/Sunny/Jack, because then targeting as Goliath is seemingly impossible against a good team with good spacing, you’re f’d.


I am Goliath main, and yes I agree this comp is pain it the ass, but it is still better than Val/Sunny/Jack/Torvald.

Seriously the Jack and rest is brutal devastation for goliath, negating your leap smashes, jumps, wall climbing, also when you try ro focus someone.

But quick tips I can give you when you are going against Sunny, Griff, Val:

  1. Always invest 1 point to Charge and Leap smash at stage 1, it will help you to create more distance from them.

  2. Learn the Leap smash + Fast traversal combo its easy - just leapsmash and keep spamming your traversal. Goliath will recover much faster from the Leap smash ending animation

  3. Use traversal recharge perk or Movement speed ( after this title update it will be finally properly affected by tranqs, so it will not negate the entire effect)

  4. When you are on run and you know Griffin is close behind you, just run and wait till he harpoons you, break it, and then start using your traversals and also try to break line of sight behind obstacles, trees etc etc.

Good scenario : you break harpoon, use 2 traversals, or Leapsmash and 1fast traversal combo, or Traversal+Charge, and if you know you didnt break line of sight properly, just run a bit to get harpooned, break it and use the remaining traversals/charge.

Even though those tips might look like easy counter to chase comp, you will still have problems with them :confused:


Sorry to say. But every hunter has a Goliath counter. Your only hope is a flee till three tactic and target sunny. I usually role with movement speed to sneak fast and avoid Griffins sound spikes. It also helps when running away.


Behemoth cannot handle Sunny. Not sure why you think that. Sunny KILLS him.


Rockwell breaks LoS of shield drone and Jetpack booster, lava bomb spreads out damage to multiple hunters in a large enough radius that the shield drone hopes from player to player.

His area denial is a good counter to the vital LoS.

@BiggRedd care to explain a little further? I hate to flee, but some comps I have to get a strike and run till I can get the extra damage from stage three. I’d also say every character has a counter to one another. I know the games balancing is in question at times, but to assume they mistreated their poster boy is wrong.

@Misanthrope the Leap/Flame/Charge sounds like a great combo! It just only seems good with full or half armor. I can just imagine after a successful Leap Smash that Sunny will just boost him away, while I get slowed by Val.

@Zeon so is the perk fix now? Or next update, I didn’t quite understand. And all your tips are helpful! How would you handle the addition of Jack and Torvald? Because as its already been said, he’s the babe of Goliath atm.


Doesn’t work so well in practice. :3

Hunters won’t get hit by anything unless tonguelocked first and Sunny saves them from Tonguelock.

Wall can break LOS of bolster but it’s not hard to find ways around that issue. Like using CC to afford waiting the few seconds or going up.


Just be glad Griffin is there and not Jack. Jack makes any comp several times for stressful for Goliath. What makes his kit worse is that if they stopped him from being Goliath’s biggest counter, he would probably be very underpowered against the other Monsters.

Focus hard on Sunny if Griffin is there - as the source of the sheilds and jetpack booster, Sunny will create a whole lot more issues than Val or Griffin.

I’ve played since launch so I hope some of the tips below will help

  • You need to be mobile and Evolve fast. Try 1 LS, 1 FB and 1 Charge, use FB for hunting and feeding. I also find FB more appropriate for shield drone than Rock Throw. It’s not a high-damage loadout as others but it will increase your survivability, and that should always take priority.

-You can heavy attack right out of Leap Smash. This may not be as helpful as @Zeon LS+Traversal until late game, if you manage to get there.

-Bait Griffin for his harpoon before leaping and climbing away to prevent him from completely ruining your escape.

-Just because a Hunter can’t see you doesn’t mean you can’t Leap Smash them. IfGood Hunters will hear you and dodge, but you might catch one of them unaware!

-Though I typically run damage boost, you will want to use one of the movement enhancing perks to help you stay on the go.

-Binge and dash. They will almost always be nearby, so you can’t afford to eat huge meals. Kill a strider here and there, eat it, get out of the area, and repeat.


I couldn’t imagine that even if Wall successfully broke LOS that it would stay up long enough to make a difference mid-combat.

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Hi, no the Movement speed perk is still bugged when tranqed, so we have to wait till next TU for fix.
But on the other hand is still pretty good because you can start sneaking from beggining and you will be fast as if you were normally running, and this can help you to get extra time nd distance you need, because Griffin will have no footprints to go after.

Well adition of good Jack and Torvald and how would I handle it ?..
I would cry instantly and ragequited and maybe uninstalled the game.
Goliath is fuked, nothing he can do (Maybe somebody can handle it, but I havent found a way and I got destroyed almost everytime :confused: )

But if you go against average Jack and Torvald, there is small chance .

Quick tips:
If you hear that Mortars launch sound, stop focusing the Hunter you are right now (unless he is low on HP and you got some ability prepared to finish him, in that case KILL HIM) and get out of the way, meanwhile you can swap targets and when mortars land get back to your previous one.

You should really focus Sunny first, destroy that shield drone with FB and if Jack is blocking you with repulsor try to burn its battery by Charge and traversals and then keep focusing sunny. Or if Jack is repulsoring you, try to change the direction of your movement so you wont be affected.

But as I said, if the Jack and Sunny got good positioning and knows how to use and spare his repulsor , its bad really bad.

I would like to give you some more tips but I simply have none because this is the only comp I have incredible problems with… .-.

@Wednesday13 is pretty damn good Goliath, so he might have some more tips/advices for you how to handle this Comp :slight_smile:


@John_Walser uh oh and 1 very important tip for any comp : learn the best/fastest feeding routes for each map

I believe @10cupcake00 got thread about it ?
Not sure if it wasnt you I apologize

Edit : if it wasnt cupcake, I can make for you photos of best feeding routes for few maps :slight_smile:


I made map tips just not the best feeding routes (yet)


I’m not goliath main but i have to say that climb speed on him is damn good. It helps a lot in fights since goliath climbs pretty slowly.


Goliath also excels when he fights in an area with lots of cliffs. The cliffs near the beach of Weather Control Tower is one of my favorite places to farm strikes with Goliath.


I guess it’s just luck or I haven’t fought a good Sunny as Behemonth.

@Zeon yo, thanks for all the tips, this is really amping me up to play rank and go against the comp. still timid about Jack and Torvald though.

@PietroTheCzar I’ll have to try that perk out in casual!

@10cupcake00 loved your map tips, I’ve seen it awhile ago. It’s where I found out about Behemoth on barracks.

@GoGoGoliath I’ll have to try out the cliff strategy soon, I’ll play some ranked later and tell you all how it goes.


what ive learned is make sunny waste cloak then make val scurred by punching her a lot then try beating sunny up with everything


Let us know if you need any other tips! :slight_smile:


just need to mitigate dmg early stages by spreading damage around and moving in between cool downs. ideally you should be able to get at least one strike without losing armor when dome ends. sunny can not speed everyone up so if you fake her out by holding rock throw until she boosts your target then aiming at a different target, this is a great way to not waste a move and make them waste resources to guarantee your next move will hit the focused target.


What platform are you on? Go damage bonus, turn around kill griff while he over charges.