Goliath Voodoo Skin - getting skins in general


I just missed the oppurtunity to get the Voodoo skin for Goliath. Now I really like this skin and my question is:

How can I get skins outside the weekend challenges?
Will the chance reappear to get those skins?


First off, welcome to the forums :smile:

Unfortunately there’s no way to get challenge skins any other way unless they become available in other challenges later on.


Hmm, I see. Ok thanks for the clarification.


Some skins do return after some time, however some of these skins are just meant to seperate the ones who played since the beginning over those who are playing now (as an example the Goliath Gold skin).


Wait are the Voodoo skins going to join Gold Goliath? I hope not. I want them given out again. Same with Frostbite Kraken and Wraith.


Not sure, but the devs have confirmed for Gold Goliath though and have only given again the Gold Kraken, Wraith and Behemoth skin again.


I hope not. The Voodoo and Frostbite skins look awesome. I really want them given out again.


All challenge skins except Gold Goliath are guaranteed to have a chance at coming back.


I wanna see them hand out another gold goliath skin if evolve 2 tanks just like evolve 1 it kinda tanked and the people who played it got the gold skin but that’s just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m already pissed the other two were given away. If GG is given away I’ll be furious.


it’s just my opinion besides how else would we get back the skins in the next game :stuck_out_tongue: