Goliath Voodoo Challenge Question


Do we still get the skin if we are on solo mode?


I believe so. Ask the president. @MaddCow helps all. ^.^


You need to have played online at least 1 match (I think). Throwing ricks and smashing faces in solo mode makes you not qualify for the skins. And yes, I hate it too. Only matches I’ve played online so far are for the skins, since my computer is shit and I don’t want to ruin other people’s games


Awww. I can’t get my online matchmaking to work on Xbox. I hope Shin is right


It should qualify you as long as you’re online and connected to the 2k servers and have your account linked.


Do you have a confirmation of this? I believe that as long as you logged on during the event it counted. The Rock Throws themselves only worked in MP games, no solo. However, I believe you can still get the skin if you at least logged in, solo or otherwise. However, I could be wrong. I think it just determines whether your account was ‘active’ during the weekend. I don’t believe it mattered for single/MP.


Ok good. Im linked


No I do not, just thought is was that way :sweat_smile:


Actually on the stream they confirmed that playing solo counts as long as you’re online and connected like I said. If you want to check out our for yourself it’s towards the end of the TRS stream they did on Thursday showing off the micro-patch.


I remember that, but someone above was claiming otherwise so I was asking for their clarification :stuck_out_tongue: It was the same as the St. Patrick’s day event to.


I meant that the rock throws in solo count as well I believe whereas you said “The Rock Throws themselves only worked in MP games, no solo.” (can’t quote reply on mobile)


Ah, didn’t know if those did or not :stuck_out_tongue:


I would assume seeing as it is probably part of your 2K account that if you go offline it won’t work anyway like a lot of the skins. They don’t seem to be tied to your game but rather your 2K account for some reason. Let’s hope it never loses connection support -_-


Just got on… It works :smiley:


Nice. Enjoy those Voodoo skins, mate.