Goliath update?


Did the Goliath did a buff?

Jesus it’s so strong and op right now I don’t understand.

I was in a game the other day and he evolved to stage 3 in literally 6 minutes.
His tracks were hidden even when he wasn’t sneaking.
And when we final got his armor down we did little to no damage.

Was there an update I’m unaware of?


Whens the last time you played/how frequently do you play?

Goliath hasnt been “buffed” in months.


Bruh really?
S3 in 6 minutes is not hard at all. Vs a strong team yes but otherwise no.
No tracks? He was sneaking.
Little to no damage? Who do you think is at fault there?

He’s UP in general right now


There’s a bit of a glitch where sometimes tracks “disappear”. I think they sort of fall under the map or something. Happens often with behemoth, where his tracks are visible and then vanish (including his traversal trail).

Agree with the above two posts. If you let Goliath evolve to S3 in 6 mins, then, I’m sorry to say, you screwed up. Majorly.


Golly is a beast!!!
He will change throughout the micro patches
I’m guessing


Before you assume there is an update, consider that you could be a bad player, the Goliath is a good player, and your teammates could be dragging you down. Goliath is easy to counter, at best.


Okay…? Goliath is way UP atm. I’m waiting on that Goliath buff! :innocent:


Provided nothing gets in the way I can hit stage two as hunters are falling out of the dropship. Stage three in another minute or two. It’s not hard at all two hit stage three in under three minutes if the hunters leave you alone.