Goliath Traversal Tracks


In light of a recent discussion with @Kitt, @Atrinoch and @Btubnfj that can be found here; it’s it’s come to my attention that Goliath now always leaves tracks as long as he isn’t sneaking meaning that even whilst mid-air using his traversals he is leaving footprints below him.

Now I understand that the game is actively being made more accessible so it is available to a wider audience but a line has to be drawn the the sand somewhere. This is too ridiculous and I’m not pulling the “Lore” or “Immersion” card here, I’m pulling the “Gameplay” card. How and more importantly why does he leave tracks behind? It wasn’t nearly impossible to keep track of a Goliath before and it certainly wasn’t a problem that he didn’t leave tracks while airborne so what reason would you have for this change.

You can literally watch a Goliath leap into the air and not touch it for 20 meters or more and then when he lands you can see that he had left footprints behind him as he flew through the air. Are Goliath’s suddenly Mr.Fantastic and their legs stretch to disproportional lengths to carry them to a higher altitude before shrinking to normal size? Why and for what reason was this?

Anyways; enough about all of that and my annoyance with it, onto what I plan on doing about it.

Give Goliath a traversal track instead of his normal tracks. Kraken flies through the air leaving behind disapperated plasma on the ground in his wake, Wraith leaves track for “Gameplay” purposes and because I guess she leaves ectoplasm or something in her wake and Gorgon has visible webbing coming from her abdomen that also attracts more grubs to her as she goes.

Give Goliath his own traversal track, have him leave a dirt particle effect falling off his hands/feet as he flies through the air and have a track made from small lines or piles of dirt as he flies. This would allow you to still have your unnecessary tracking on the Goliath when he’s airborne without having the illogical means of his feet apparently leaving the tracks.

Or you could, you know, just remove tracking him in the air altogether. Not like the Planet Scanner, Daisy, Survey Satellite, Gobi, Tracking Darts, and more can’t make up for those short 20m distances without tracks.

  • Give Goliath a distinct and unique “Traversal Track”.
  • Remove Goliath’s tracking while mid-air altogether.
  • Leave it as is. (Please Elaborate)

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Counter suggestion: Give goliath a distinct and large leap and landing track (visible from farther away?) that indicate the direction of the jump instead of tracks under him while he jumps.


Well that would kind of fall under the idea of giving him his own distinct/unique traversal track.


Well it falls under two categories for the voting. It is both a distinct and unique traversal track and the suggestion to remove tracking from goliath while he is mid air.


Sort of, I get your point but one is more of “Remove it altogether with no indication of when a traversal starts and stops” and the other is “Add some form of identification for his traversal”.

Personally I am more for the entire removal of identification and like your idea quite a lot but I catered my idea towards those that need their hand-held through everything but would make more logical sense.


there new patch coming in 2 days, look like they removing the ranking system and putting back the old hunt mode from legacy evolve, so just wait and see! ( not sure)


First off this isn’t really the right topic to say something like this.

Secondly no, the new ranking system will not be Legacy Hunt. That’s a misconception that the community created from a statement by the Developers.


What is this queue focused on?

A Pure Hunt experience without any frills, this will be the place to enjoy the classic 4v1 Hunt gameplay we’ve all come to know and love.
Giving players the ability to queue as either Monster or Hunter.
A hidden skill rating to sort players by appropriate skill.
– Everybody starts with a fresh skill rating.
No Map Variants allowed, this is all about classic Hunt.
We are investigating giving increased end of round Silver Key rewards for simply completing a Hunt Beta match.


I copied it straight up from their trello!



Goliath drops little turdlets when in the air.


The original information post reads as:

To which the community quickly mistook that as:

And then was clarified

Nothing states they’re returning to Legacy. They could be but nothing has been said on the matter so nothing has confirmed nor denied the possibility of Legacy Hunt making a return although it’s unlikely.

Regardless; this entire conversation is severely off-topic anyways.

No. Just no.


I say leave it, it’s so not a problem.


I disagree, it’s the same type of problem that caused TRS to add traversal tracks to the other monsters in the first place, but in reverse.

Like the OP, I get that they want to make the game more approachable, but this is kinda a line for me too.
Goliath is JUMPING. There’s no sane reason he should leave tracks: except game play.

I don’t buy into the reasoning behind adding traversal tracks to begin with, so certainly don’t think a monster who isn’t flying should be held to the same standards. If you can’t keep up with a monster when you have a planet scanner with 30 second cool down, you have other issues.

It would be nice if this was another tool in Goliath’s belt that could be used by experienced players to deceive and track other players when sneaking. It would increase separation, maybe 15 or 20 seconds? But I don’t think it would be game breaking.

I’m all for leaving a ‘landing area’ as long as that area is not noticeable if the hunters don’t have LOS… IE I took the time (aka slowing me down) to jumper higher than necessary to land on (instead of jumping at the wall and climbing) a ledge from below and the hunters can’t see that landing area until they have LOS. That kind of skill and decision to spend those precious moments should be rewarded.


It’s been in the game since the launch of S2, it’s not a problem whatsoever, and just removing them for goliath makes absolutely no sense. He’s more than strong enough already.

If we remove tracks, we also have to completely randomize wildlife and perks again, to remove all benefit from feeding routes. Balance, yo.


Cool, I can deal with that. In the current fast paced version of the game, if they do just follow your tracks, they’re going to fall pretty far behind. That being said, it means that they should always have something to follow, so they don’t just end up sitting back waiting for the Trapper’s ability to be ready again.

This is immersion tho? I thought we were just dealing with from a gameplay standpoint?

I like this idea a lot ^^^