Goliath traversal stamina hack?


I’m not entirely sure if it is a hack or not, but there’s one player who always plays Goliath constantly jumping/leaping around the battlefield. As an assault player, I can’t even aim him, even worst if I choose Parnell. It was like a Goliath having drugs and feeling too high or something. Sorry for no recording video or taking screenshots.


Sounds like a pain…
And to think the Goliath got a 2 second traversal nerf in combat. ^.-


Could have chosen the traversal recharge perk. Also, leap smash usually gives enough time to recharge a leap, then that leap leads to another, then another, then leap smash, and it goes on and on. Sounds like you guys just got shafted by an unsavory dome ^-^


Oh, the fun monsters can have against us hunters. ^.-


This game is nothing but fun ^-^
Except mammoth birds -.-
Theyre just plain evil >:|