Goliath too weak, Kraken unfair, and Wraith is bugged. Not a lot of options

Much as I love Bob’s new strength (and I really do, been playing him on every map now instead of just the 3 cave-heavy ones), variety is the spice and all that. Kraken remains far too easy, and simply not fun on either side. Wraith is a gamble until her movement bug is addressed. Which leaves old-faithful, who has been reduced to a snail’s pace and lost his tanking powers.

For all the talk of Monster’s OP (which is really a result of many new/returning Hunters fighting veterans), if you refuse to play Kraken in Hunt (Campain is different), you really don’t have a lot of options.

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One monster is always going to be perceived as Up and one is always going to be perceived as Op , leaves you with very little options . That is why i just play what i like if the monster you like happens to be broken and you still have fun with it play it anyway , abuse it . Its not your fault

I think goliath is ok. maybe compared to the other monsters he’s the weekest, but he can still defeat hunters.
Behomoth is strong, because people underestimate him and jump in his face. if they keep their distance and help players pulled in with tongue, he is manageable. i don’t like picking him vs bronzes, because it’s too easy, but with 1 or 2 silvers in there, i don’t fell he’s too bad. Kraken is OP as ever and Wraith is the worst again, because apparently they don’t want new players (She got rid of over 95% of players on PC at release and she’ll do it again)

I find Goliath fine -.^ I find him stronger than before in fact. Using an altered build of my pre-patch one, he runs quite well for me.

Well, I won twice at stage 1 as Goliath and once loose as hunter by Goliath stage 1. However there are mostly total new players and noobs in hunt 2.0 right now and it contantly queue high ranked monsters with bronze hunters. Wraith is still very deadly and easy to play.

I think Goliath is entirely viable, even if being possibly the toughest monster to play as right now. People need to take time to adjust to his differences.

I get that blitzing 1 or 2 skills at Stage Two is no longer viable. However, I’ve found Goliath now lacks both the speed & damage to focus-down a target. Spreading damage around in an effort to overwhelm the Medic does not work when Sunny or Hank is present.

My multiple stage 1 wins argue against that

Stage 1
1 rock
1 leap
1 fire

Stage 2
2 rock
2 leap
1 fire
1 charge

Stage 3
3 rock
3 leap
2 fire
1 charge

Goliath has always been the monster that takes the most skill, then wraith, behemoth, reaver,mammoth bird rest of everything on shear then kraken, cause to play kraken all you need to do is roll your face along the keyboard and think your a good monster

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The mental imagery…

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I had been using 2-1, then 2-2-2. You are suggesting maximum spread? Hmm, I shall try.

In my terrible monstering I definitely feel that 3-1-1-1 or 2-2-1-1 is prefereable to 2-2-2.

For Goliath I feel that a stage 2 of:

3 rock, 1 fire, 1 leap and 1 charge would give me what I need to break hunter teams up reliably.

Similarly for Bob I like:

2 fissure, 2 lava, 1 tongue grab and 1 rock wall (or swapping lava and tongue grab if the map has lots of hunter favoured fight spots)

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I would say that either my own or @niaccurshi advice is good. With this new meta you’re wasting skill points if you’re not spreading them out. The difference between a lvl 1 ability and a lvl 2 ability is like… 50 damage. You much better off getting a completely new skill rater than upgrading a new one.

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Haha 10char

This is really only true when the matchmaking is bad. Due to the changes I’m getting a lot more Stage 1 wins as Kraken. That should be expected since they increased Stage 1 damage. These wins always come from hunters “determining rank” or bronze level. When i’m matched against silvers and above the games are fair, and I lose a fair bit of them.