Goliath Tiger Skin Missing


Suddenly it appears in the store as unbought (when I did), and I can’t select it.

Mind you, this is different as the “usual” “all DLC skins missing” bug, this time every other skin is showing correctly (for example, Savage Kraken, Cosmic, or the more recent Clown Fish Wraith). But not the Goliath Tiger Skin.

Just last night I was playing with it. What’s wrong? How is this fixed? Has this happened to anyone else??


It appears to happen completely random. I’ve had times where the skin was missing too, but a game later it was there…
Also, it still doesn’t say ‘purchased’ for me, but I do have it purchased


Yeah, it doesn’t show as purchased for me either, it’s very weird.


Dear gravy they have some serious issues with skins in this game.

I’ve been experiencing the same thing since the release of the Savage Kraken. Every skin that I’ve bought, and the Voodoo Goliath skin as well, disappears at random. From some accident and experimentation I’ve found that the skin issues seem to stem from what My2K thinks you should have on your account, which can be wrong. I’ve had several things fix or temporarily fix the issue.

  1. Unlink (and sometimes re-link) your My2K account.

  2. If you are on Steam, go to your Library -> right click Evolve -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache. This fix is often temporary and works for only one game before the skins go poof again.

  3. Disconnect from the internet and start the game. Obviously this is not ideal if you are looking to play multiplayer, but it will prevent you from connecting to My2K and thus allow use of the skins solo.

@DamJess I feel we are seeing these kinds of threads pretty frequently now, something is going on that bears investigation, thank you!


Thanks. But it actually came back by itself. Which is my recommendation to everyone who gets this.
The only difference in this case was that it was a single skin and not any and every DLC, that threw me off.
But I’d rather wait than start touching things that could mess up my installation.