Goliath Tiger Skin in store

I just saw this skin in the store and decided to buy it because it looked pretty neat.

Wraith already has a Clownfish skin:

So what animal skin do you think the Kraken would have? Hoping for Zebra.


I want a blue ringed Octopus cuz reasons


i support those reasons entirely.

Hoping for lionfish or red panda myself.

Tigershark Attack Again!!!


May we request this for the Kraken @MacMan ? We can wait I swear but of its possible we will love you guys even more… :stuck_out_tongue:

This is why I wish there was a steamworkshop dealy, I have a lot of ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

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Tiger skins! I haven’t bought the skin though the store says I have it. Then where is the skin in the choosing screen? It’s not out yet?

What platform? And can you post a screenshot?

I really want a wasp Kraken in yellow and black stripes.

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I’m on PC, haven’t played Evolve for about a week.

Wow! That’s pretty awesome, I paid for mine like a sucker. :wink:

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Ok, it was a bug. This time I logged on, the skins showed not purchased.

Well that’s a bummer. :frowning:

Why hasn’t this been done yet!?

I dunno…but I figure it has got to happen.

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I want obsidian skins. :wink:


No tiger for me it seems :frowning:

PC doesn’t have it. But aren’t you on PS?

ooooh like all black? that would be BADASS