Goliath, the living, breathing furnace


Today I came to a realization; the monsters don’t need good to survive.

I came to this realization while playing Wendigo Goliath on Medlab. Of course my sneak game was on point, as usual, and I was tiptoeing circles around the hunters. I found an elite tyrant and I proceeded to devour his soul.

While eating the tyrant, I pondered how a Stage 1 Goliath could eat this creature that’s about it’s same size, and how it could still eat more wildlife after it. Doesn’t make sense really, does it?

Also, have you noticed that even after you are at full energy, the monster can still keep eating and eating and eating? You could eat everything on the map at S1 if you wanted.

Another thing I noticed that helped me come to this realization was the fact that Goliath didn’t have a… For lack of a better term, asshole. Neither does Wraith or Kraken, and I’m assuming Behemoth won’t either. So where does the food go when it’s… Done?

Well, here’s my theory; the monsters are giant furnaces. Everything they eat instantly becomes energy that they use to evolve and gain armor! As soon as food enters the stomach (or whatever special organ they have) it’s processed, and turned every last bit is converted into pure energy for the monster! I’m assuming this is why they don’t need to drink either… They just feed to gain energy to get bigger. They don’t need their food to live, just to get more powerful.

Of course, this is just a theory.


But that’s what happens with us too. When we eat, our bodies take whatever they can and turn it into some form of nutrients or energy through certain biological processes that I can’t be bothered to detail. Point being; there’s alwasys some waste. Goliath couldn’t get energy from the barnacles on a Canyon Strider for example. That waste has to go somewhere.

Sphincter is a better term. :smile:


I’m saying that I think the monsters possibly have some other organ or something that converts every last bit and piece of what they eat DIRECTLY into energy. No long process of digestion and all that.


I came up with this on day one broski xD


Well aren’t you special.


Why yes. Yes I am xD


Wtf did I just read :joy:


Rude… Unless you can actually explain why you disagree, I would like to ask that you exit my thread.


It’s a very interesting theory and it works. As for the lack of a visible sphincter to dispose of excrement, I chalk that up to the devs not wanting to- or not thinking of, not being bothered to- give the Monsters visible exits to the digestive tract.


Sounds like something you would do. You smoke the day, every weed. This also might explain why your alias is incorrect, in the form of a name. Don’t forget the fact you find joy, by not understanding concepts behind how monsters, consume/evolve; after they are explained to you in the original post. I surmise you enjoy being ignorant so much, you tear up with joy? Keep talking, you only make my day better. You put a smile on my face.


Well, I mean, yeah, if I was an incapped hunter and the monster was standing over me, I wouldn’t want a 10 foot asshole in my face. I’m just saying that this could also play into the theory. Like how Nest Eggs all hatch Goliath’s. We know it’s just because of technical infeasibilities, but we could make up some scientific reason why this happens.


Woot what the heck guyz, I thought the thread was a troll, a joke. I did not take it seriously at all.


We can tell. Leave.


I imagine you don’t take much seriously, do you? ^.-


When you aren’t sure whether somebody’s joking or not, say this:

If this is a joke, then thank you, you made me laugh and cheered me up after all the rabbits today. :stuck_out_tongue:

If this is not a joke, please refer to figure 1.1 and figure 1.2:

###Figure 1.1-

###Figure 1.2-


Of course I do, but someone asking why a monster of a video game do not poop, that was surprising and I was sure that was a “hided troll”. I was not trying to be rude, I just wanted to laugh about it.


I wasn’t talking about that. I was talking about how I believe that the monsters do not actually require sustenance to survive.


I don’t find biological needs of nearly every creature in our known planet, to be humorous. But then again, I’m not childish.

If you had read, that’s not exactly what he was speaking of either.


So laugh about it. There was no reason to mock it. It’s alright, we understand it was a joke. Chill out, gentlemen. And Shin, because he’s a FIEND. Worse, a CUDDLY fiend. Deceptive.

Also, what he said.


I was not mocking him, that’s called a meme, used by troll for troll (but he was not, so, sorry.)

Okay let’s get serious so :

At any lvl, when you eat a bigger monster than you (tyrant for example) : Goliath do not eat everything, he eat just the inside of the tyrant, there is a corpse when he finished his lunch. He just eat which is comestible, and goliath know he is followed by hunters so he do not enjoy his meal.

Maybe he had a anus, but we don’t see it. But who care ?

Or it’s just because it’s a video game so not everything has logic, how can goliath throw a rock when he is fully surrounded of grass ?