Goliath Teleport out of Dome -> then goes Stage 2


Just had a Game against a Goliath Player that teleported out of the second Dome.
Was the Map Destillerie. First dome was a clear victory for us, even with a Caira bot (bots OP <3). We chased him hard, never lost him because I main myself Monster and heard him backtracking. He stands on Top of the big building in the middle of the map, i domed him and also pinged him, and then he just disappeared… the dome not even came down himself we had to put it down because we heard him evolving far far away to stage 2. What the actually fuck?
I have no Screenshots, that was just to fast for me, and my PC also can barly run Evolve without gettin some Hung Errors, so i have no recap or something. I just want to let you know that something is going wrong here… sry for my bad english again. Somebody had the same experience??
And ofcourse he won that game. He lost all the other fights in the next Dome’s. The last fight were at the Caves… he escaped with 2 bars of life and dunno, when he can teleport there was no hope of gettin near to him when he attacks the relay. That just happened 10Minutes ago btw. maybe you can look into some Data’s, i dont know.
Have a nice Hunt.


Seems like a bad connection issue, how was your connection?


Was all fine. Checked it after it happened, for all of us around 50-60ms like always for me when im playing. Dunno how “high” it was before that happened…