Goliath Tactics since we have one for Kraken


Just a thread for people to grow their experience and think o new ways to play the poster boy of evolve. hopefully to bring back the population of Goliath players that have started playing Kraken. This is not a war thread i just want to see and learn what others do as Goliath in comparison to myself.

The unofficial tips/strategy thread

Well, my strategy for the Goliath is to start with the damage perk and three points in charge. I love charge, you can’t properly play the Goliath without it in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: On my second evolution I like to take three points in Fire breath. Usually at stage two I win. If I feel like being cruel I will get enough food to evolve to three, then force an encounter and kill the support and assault, and evolve to three on top of their corpses while the medic and trapper either flee or shoot their piddly weapons at me. Then I take three points in Rock throw. I never liked leap smash. Anyway, that is my strategy!


When I played as monster, Goliath was my favourite, and I believe he always will be. (until the 3rd is shown :stuck_out_tongue: ) I use a lot of my points in Fire Breath, for good AOE and Charge. I also get some rock throw points, not a fan of leap smash. I have tried leap smash and it is decent, but not my favourite ability. As soon as my Goliath got to stage 3 I was unstoppable, I had full health and a decent amount of armor. I won by killing all but one hunter, and then destroying the power. I played a few times as Goliath and it’s amazing.


I wanna play against you just to see you pull that off!


I’m not sure how complex this discussion will be, since Goliath is a lot more straightforward than Kraken. Any of his abilities can be a good way to open a fight and all of them blend into each other pretty seamlessly.

Leap smash into the hunters from one direction, then blast fire everywhere, then charge through them in the opposite direction. Or you can lie in wait, then open up with the fire at point blank to fill their screens and cause panic, then charge through them and take off, pausing to chuck a rock over your shoulder to discourage pursuit. It’s all about chaining the combos together.


I tried doing the same thing, but force an encounter at stage one to see if I was strong enough to pound them and evolve to stage two on them… but I accidentally killed them all before I got a chance :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope you’re joking, haha, that gives me a laugh. You’re just too bad Peirs!


yeah that’s a easy way to play him if play more skilled hunters stuff like that wont work and since it is much harder to get away from the hunters as Goliath if you need to you have to be strategic about that ahead of time as well. this topic is more or less to help get in depth with Goliath if you see a really strategic Goliath play early game is sometimes all you need if the put some up watch MrStrategio play him i saw him play at pax against the 2k publishers and he was stage one for a long time keeping them on edge even then.


sorry for mistyping my keyboard is going out on me sadly.


I’ve seen Leap Smash > Charge synergize pretty well for quick burst damage and works as an ambush tactic.


Well, half joking. I was really just going for a stage one win, not to evolve on them, I think they took me down a bar and a half of health before I won. I just was really good at making them chase me and split up because they were so eager to trap and fight a stage one monster. After they play into your hands like that it’s pretty hard not to win. I am a strong believer in the fact that the Hunters are indeed the Hunted by the time their feet hit the ground.


Yeah while i was in line waiting to play it i talked with some of the Devs and Publishers they said he is all combos in essence for example did anyone know if you hold your charge ability (which for me at Pax was Y) while pouncing someone you go straight into it after exiting the pounce animation.


Have you thought of luring them up a high cliff and pouncing the first one to poke his head up? then when his buddies join in you can just knock them off and do it again :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah i did a couple times but then there val and griffin got tired of it and re-postioned and kept me from focusing down bucket since the assault got killed by a tyrant because of me earlier, i was still stage one so their guns do enough to really hurt but just not as much as they needed.


Leap Smash and Charge seem essential to me. Not only do they deal solid damage and put you in melee range so you can follow up with claws or fire, but they provide extra mobility. Rock Throw and Fire Breath are less essential. Personally I think I’d go for Fire Breath in most cases, because it recharges quickly and you can just spray it around while you wait out the cooldown for the other two.


Stage 1: Get Fire Breath level 2 and leap smash level 1. Stage 2: Get Rock Throw to level 2 and leap smash to level 2. Level 3: Get Fire Breath, Leap Smash, and Rock Throw all to level 3. Reasons: Fire Breath is at level 2 so that I can mow down animals so that I can evolve and the leap smash is so I can suprise the hunters and kill creatures from a distance. Then I can have 3 level2 abilities so that evens things out. Then at stage 3 i have 3 level 3 abilities. Sometimes I would mix it up but this is my winning move set.


Okay this is gonna be a long one
Starting abilties: 3 points in charge (different i know)
Stage one: Starting instantly i would use all 3 of my jumps to get away as fast as possible. I would then crouch the rest of the time dipping and dodging the hunters while i feast on wildlife: Next i would make sure to find a perk doesn’t matter which one to be honest then make sure my armor and evolve gauge are completely filled. With full armor and health i now would hunt the hunters and ambush them with a pounce and level 3 charge attack and do big damage. My goal is the medic ignore everything else and go kill the medic. I want him to at least have 1 strike so he’s less annoying later on. Next the trapper by now my armor should be almost all gone so i would have to destroy the trapper as fast as i can so he can have a strike. After killing the trapper i should be missing some health so i run and hide. When im alone to my self its time to EVOLVE
Stage 2: This time around i want 2 points in leap smash and one in fire breath for utility. Rinse and repeat devour some wildlife till i have full health and evolve meter. Now i pursue the hunters once again and focus on everybody so everybody has a strike or even everyone dead but that’s not the true goal yet. Id use leverage to my advantage using leap smash to scatter the team and seclude a specific person. If the hunters are putting up a good fight i would leave after getting some hunters a strike or 2. Finally once again after im by myself its time to EVOLVE.
Stage 3: 2 points into fire breath 1 point in leap smash. Its time for the final showdown now once im evolved i need to obtain another perk and full armor once obtained ill go for the generator. If the hunters are foolish i could get a generator win from them searching for me. But usually they fall back at the generator. Best i could id try to get the drop on them with a unexpected lvl 3 leap smash that should scatter them. Of course we do our fight and i utilize my charge ability the most since it seems hard to dodge. With a couple strings of attacks at once with a fire breath leading into a leap smash to finish it with a charge and keeping up the pressure i should have a win :smiley:
but nothing goes according to the plan i might die early lol or i cant find my perks in time you never know :stuck_out_tongue:


But do you use those two abilities for any other reason than just getting melee range i have seen many Goliaths do that and quite a few failed in the execution now i am not saying anything harsh i was one of them in my first match. But then i noticed the usability of the other 2 abilities for instance rock smash can be used as a range deterrent to keep them off you at stage one it is also good for taking out traps since the aoe is just as big if not bigger than a leap smash when you are harpooned. I take fire early on because it is disorienting if the hunters are c\aught in it and is a good way to find cloaked players. i actually use leap smash as a escape unless i know i have the absolute upper hand and charge is a good way to corner someone. Due to the fact if i miss because someone dodged me im left open to getting hit with free attacks. And you don’t always have that winning position 100% of the time if you do your playing people that are not used to playing yet. your set is good i like it and like i said early on trying not to start going back and forth over and over so new people don’t come look at this thread at all and don’t get to share in this information.


Exactly the numbers aren’t always in your favor sometimes you need that ability to disappear to do what you need. and to focus the right person and i actually saw a few Goliaths take 3 in charge and they played it quite well.


I’m skeptical of Rock Throw because it seems a little finicky to aim. In gameplay videos I’ve watched so far I’ve seen a number of times where the rock caught some tree or other doodad instead of landing where the monster was aiming. This isn’t to say it’s not useful; as a long range opener or a way to camp a downed player it seems excellent. I’d just hate to put a lot of points into an ability that might miss so much.

Leap Smash and Charge seem like they’d provide more dependable damage up close, and the fact that you can use them to escape when your stamina is exhausted make them that much more versatile. Three leaps, plus Leap Smash and Charge? The hunters will be looking at the Goliath-shaped cloud you left behind and wondering what the hell happened.