Goliath still leaving footprints while sneaking on Xbox One


Played 8 matches as Goliath and sneaking is leaving footprints on the Hunter screens but not mine. And before you ask, no, I am not holding the button, I played the crap out of the beta and Big Alpha so I know quite well how to play.

I only found out because after trying out the solo games and having success there I jumped into the classic Skirmish Multi and did my usual tactic of jumping and running then sneaking in the opposite direction, which always bought me some time before. But the hunters literally made a direct beeline for me from their spawn point, which I chalked up to bad luck. This happened the next 5 games in a row and I figured there was some hacking going on or something. But I played with 3 different groups so the odds of that happening were slim. I then got 2 friends to play and they told me that I was giving off footprints on their screens. On mine there weren’t any.

Any idea, 2K? I’m on Xbox One. And I played both pre launch test runs with no issues like this. Please get it fixed or I’ll be returning it by the weekend. I saw a few other people tweeting about this same issue.

Anyone else having this problem?

Also, my GT is BeaverGear if anyone wants to friend me and try it out themselves!


I edited this topic to recategorise is in the Report Bugs section, if you don’t mind!

Try to find people with which to play, and test it out with them to see what’s up!


Thanks! I didn’t know which topic this went under. You rule! The more influential eyes on this the better!


Yeah. Keep in mind, when I was playing during the press build, pre-made hunter parties were PRETTY quick to judge where I was headed, even though I left confusing tracks behind to mess with them. Sometimes, they just spot a tree you knock over, or they see a trail of corpses you left behind, or they straight up spawn facing the way you went towards ( that actually happened to me more frequently than I love to admit ).

Don’t forget they also have Daisy, who will sniff out invisible tracks and lead them to you if they pay attention to her.