GOLIATH stage 32

Stage 32 Goliath :joy: Hes bigger than ever, and can destroy almost EVERYTHING :joy: :joy: :joy:

Artwork by REZA ILYASA


Well then, where are the tier 1000 hunters?

I guess theyโ€™re inside the ships? :slight_smile: this artwork btw isnt really for Evolve I just found this awesome piece and gave it some thought as you can see the ships arent really the concept ships from Evolve :slight_smile:

In Evolve: Stage 32, the monsters are planet-sized and lurk among the stars, devouring celestial bodies to grow and evolve. Each hunter has their own ship that they commandeer through space to hunt down and kill the cosmic beast. The game changes and requires three-dimensional spatial awareness in order the maneuver the playing field.

I love it


Nice, imagine its firebreath , I think it would be like 700 NASA rocket ships deploying all at once

Also more hilarious when you think that a flame breath of that caliber will launch the bigass Goliath in the opposite direction of the breath in zero G (much like a squid squirting its ink underwater.)

I gotta find a thingโ€ฆ One moment.

Edit: here!

Ah, nostalgia.


THAT IS AWESOME!!! :smiley: imagin the this kraken and the Goliath ive posted fighting together for territory
who would win?

You fools! The Hunters are dead! Itโ€™s become so serious the Corp Pirates are fighting the Monsters!!

Holds onto emet

not my dear psychopathic robot!

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Who knows lol weโ€™re talking about fantasies here :slight_smile: it could be like these kind of high stages monsters are only found at the center of the universe , of course hunters should be prepared :slight_smile: maybe develop some kind of ultimate weapon something like that :slight_smile:

I always imagined final stage Goliath being more like thisโ€ฆ

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clutches emet as well

those monsters! they canโ€™t have have him!!!

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Here you go.

YES YESS OH YEESSS PERFECT!! :smiley: more like jaegers from pacific rim :smiley: this would be a great battle, not in game tho I think that would be idk, but rather in cinematic movies :slight_smile: