Goliath sliding around like crazy, costing me wins! [Now with VIDEO evidence]


So occasionally (more frequently lately) Goliath freaks the hell out when you’re playing him. Usually happens after a rock throw, you move super crazy fast, just sliding around. It counts as “real” movement, too, you don’t get rubberbanded back into place. It’s… not much of a benefit unless you’re running away, as it’s super slide-y and awkward, you can throw rocks while on the move, though!

How is this costing me wins? Well, it happened earlier as I was trying to finish off a downed medic, I pick up a rock, and go sliding 100 meters away. (I was holding the back button to move back once the rock was thrown.) they get him up and I’m combo-d right into Goliath’s classic “ultra slow falling,” which seems like another bug.

Now, I don’t actually care about WLR or anything, just a dramatic title, but this problem is happening more and more lately, and I think it’s how I’m trying to move while throwing rocks. I haven’t made a video yet, as I figured it’s a pretty common problem, but if it’s not, I’ll be happy to provide video evidence, as it seems to happen at least once a match. It’s really awkward when it happens. I have to sit completely still to “stop” it, or else it’ll stop on its own after a few second of movement. On the one hand, I don’t want to abuse it, but stopping makes me take a large amount of damage, on the other hand, using any movement benefit gained from it seems like straight up cheating by exploiting a bug. It really sucks when it happens. I don’t want or need exploits to beat you down! When I come for you, you get no excuses!

Anyway, again, lemme know if I need to provide a video.



I mainly have issues with traversal movement with Goliath. Real often, Goliath will just jump up instead of forwards costing a lot of time and being generally useless.

Sliding is still quite rare for me.


That reminds me… If you try to jump as Goliath near a ledge that’s like 2 feet high, you’ll spend a traversal point doing a jump animation without leaving the ground. When trying to flee to gain armor at critical points mid-game, this is actually completely devastating, especially if you’ve got a Val tailing you. A misspent traversal can cost you a LOT of armor or health as is, but having it just plain not work sometimes is the worst.


Had a goliath Jumping from ground level to top of the dome yesterday (and probably bumping his head up there in the process). You gotta remember not to pick the hidden “why yes, f**k gravity please” perk


This happens all the time as well! Just flying straight up when you try to jump. Sounds awesome, until you realize you’re completely vulnerable and are spending several seconds in the air, with no air control, being shot by 4 angry hunters who probably think you’re cheating.


Ah, I missed that perk. Maybe I just look over it as Kraken and Wraith always have that enabled :wink:


Sounds familiar, I think I experienced this once, and it just seemed like the worst day of playing monster and that was the final straw so I raged quit and set the monster to the last priority.


I hate that bug. Almost every match Im experiencing this bug once or more. It’s so gamebreaking. It’s either wont let you finish(Kanye W?) almost dead hunter, or you may escape dome. On Aviary as Kraken I managed to fly from bottom corridors to top corridors in ~4 seconds with that bug.

It’s very frustrating when you try to fight, but game is throwing you all over the place.


This happened to me to its like cairas field effected me lol



Ah, got some video evidence! I’m sure you guys are aware, but I know videos always help if you haven’t already reprod something.

I finally turned Shadowplay back on, confident I’d get this to happen at least once. It happened in all 3 matches I played, haha.

First one is a longer video, timestamp of the bug is 8:45 (you can see it occuring after a “frozen” heavy melee, where I move with a lot of speed when clearly I’m supposed to be slowed due to my attacks):

Second one, time stamp is 12:23:

Finally, saving the best for last, this gem, I apologize for the audio, was listening to a podcast and forgot I was recording:


I’ll try to get some more video evidence of it today, I doubt they need more, but I’ll have it on hand just in case!


Pssh, my Goliath purchased a pair of Air Jordans.

This bug is incredibly annoying. Not to mention the annoying bug where I try and leap and I just jump maybe 1 inch off the ground because my toe got caught on some invisible pebble.


Yesssss. I get so salty every time this bug happens, haha.



How do you post webms?


I just typed the link in


Excellent, excellent! More video evidence! Most excellent.


Ok so i managed to do it with Behemoth as well but it has only happened one time and it was in a bot game, it happens a lot when i play Goliath, sometimes on the Kraken and never on Wraith.