Goliath skin idea


Just a ramble of 2 suggestions, I wonder if their is any chance for another goliath gold skin event, and also could TRS do a goliath minion skin for sale (the minions in the game im referencing ) I thought it would be a cool idea for a playable skin.


The Devs have stated that the Goliath Gold Skin is the only skin that won’t be obtainable again, since it was origionally for people who played the game shortly after it came out. That might change eventually, but that’s up the the Devs. At first all the gold skins would be a one time thing, but they’ve decided to give more chances for all the other gold skins besides Goliaths. :slight_smile:
I’m not sure what you mean by minion skin, you mean a skin that makes the minions different colors?


I like the idea that goliaths gold skin is not obtainable anymore, its something extra for people who’ve been with it from the start


I would love skins for minions. Not sure I would pay for them unless it was just amazing.


I think an even better suggestion would be that if you play as Goliath with a skin, the skin applies to your minions as well. (But TRS spoils us as is, so I don’t really mind either way)


All Gold skins were given on the idea that they were exclusive, it’s bad enough that 2/3 of them were given away. That’s just a giant middle-finger to the original players. ALL IN MY OPINION.

With that said, the Minions wear the “Carnivore” skins if I’m correct, of which it is purchasable for Goliath unless of course you mean you want the option to customize your own minions in which case, I agree. I would like that option very much.


I’ve been playing since alpha, and due to my power cord frying, I missed that weekend. Its a middle finger to people like me that have just as much a history playing the game as anybody does, but due to LIFE, I am deemed to not have had the “loyalty” to the game to have another chance at this skin.
(You didn’t use the term loyalty but several have before.)


Personally not haven’t agreed to the situation either. I think it should’ve been a full week or given to anyone who bought the game already.

Honestly it should’ve been more accessible or at the least a larger attempt to give it out sooner. Not to give the skins the finger and ruin their value months and months down the line.

I’m all for the whole “People who missed it” argument but it should’ve been handled better. Not devaluing them all.


we still have goldiath to flash at people


I still want a Goliath skin with all the cuts of meat tattooed on him, like a butcher’s diagram. Only because I liked the idea of these desperate/bored shear folk capturing a Goliath with every intention of eating him, or selling his meat on the intergalactic black market, only for him to break out and eat em. Classic Alien set up.


In my eyes all Gold skins lost their value the moment that the other two were given out.

The original skins were meant to be special and exclusive to the first supports (albeit, it was executed poorly) but they were.


I missed that weekend too, a while ago I decided to see if 2k would be able to give it to me and they were which was nice of them. I’m pretty sure I did play at least one game that weekend so I asked 2k to check if I did and they gave me the choice if I wanted to unlock it.

Only problem with this is if you miss any other skin in the future you won’t be able to contact 2k to unlock it for you as you only get one skin unlock on your my2k account.

If you want to try then you can go here and select what’s selected in the pictures below: http://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=46466


Thanks man I’ll give her a shot. I’ll post back on how it goes.


No problem :wink:


Well, i would like a wolverine Goliath skin, call it victor skin or something, and have a blue base, with three yellow stipes, like dis…

Id personally pay 60$


I’m against the idea of Gold Goliath not being given out again and tourney exclusive skins.

@xPredators How would 2K know if you aren’t lying about you playing that weekend? Someone could easily say they played, when they really didn’t, just so they could get the skins. Would they just look at your account to see when you played?


I have no idea, I’m pretty sure I played that weekend but never got the skin so I mentioned that in the ticket, might have had something to do with me being given the skin.

I’m sure they have a way of seeing the days you played Evolve, if I didn’t play that weekend they probably saw that I was playing Evolve everyday since release.


I’ll be recieving my gold skin next time I log in online. Thanks! Same time almost as a kala gold skin. I’ll be blinging out for a while =P


Nice! Glad I could help you :smile: