Goliath Shark Skin Turnaround


So here is a test painting all 8 images of Goliath’s turnaround as the Shark/Bruce skin I did previously.




11/10 Like Skyrim in blue - IGN


This looks amazing :smile:


That is pretty cool. I’d buy that.


Awesome !

I would go for a darker blue however.


Very very cool!


OMG is there more?!


I would suggest adding a pattern. Stripes are always a good choice.


@MacMan. Please add this skin to the Evolve ingame shop ^^


Amazing stuff man, is there anymore you’ve done ? Would love to see the rest.


needs dorsal fin!


Thanks for checking it out guys, this is the first time I’ve tried painting and combining all 8 shots of the turnaround. I had previously made some single shot skin ideas here:

Inspired by Clownfish wraith

Once I found the fan art files that TRS provided for us I’ve been itching to do a animated skin like this was but it’s been hard to find time with all of the great Hunt 2.0 stuff going on.

Now that I’ve got the template for Goliath I can make another easier but now we’ve got the turnaround for Behemoth and I want to start on him as well.


I’d really like to see a Charizard coloured Goliath or a Metagross coloured Behemoth, Would be bad ass.


;-; its so beautiful.


I WANT IT!!! @MacMan make this an actual skin please!!!


Here is a more subtle version. This one has colors sourced from shark photos rather than Bruce from Finding Nemo.

I also gave him the dead black eyes of a shark rather than glowing red.


No, I like the bright blue better.


I love the second one to the right with the dead black eyes.


Not a big fan of the eye change, but I dig the paler shade because I associate that much more with sharks than the movie-esque bright blue. Great visual work :)!