Goliath Series

I guess this could be a series but this an improvement to Goliath.

On Evolve Goliath has the following:

Rock Throw

Leap Smash

Fire Breath


Now if you noticed the ability “Fire Breath” use to be called “Flame Breath”
If you noticed this you may have noticed these:

Rock Throw:
Velocity: The bigger the rock the higher damage
Radius: Upgrades the blast radius

Leap Smash:
Frequency: The more spark charged the higher damage
Radius: Increases the blast radius

They use to just say damage but over the years TRS changed them

Now Fire Breath has “Range” and “Radius”. Now in my opinion get rid of “Radius” and move “Range” down then replace the top spot with “Temperature” adding smaller amounts of damage or how ever to make it more balanced. Cause I think radius is useless in fire breath.

Now for an improvement for charge, radius is fine, now I think duration should only be a MG thing improving that ability meaning move radius down and replace with “weight” adding more or small amounts of damage when wrecked into.
So then the whole thing would look like:

Rock Throw

Leap Smash

Fire Breath


And that’s my first suggestion series to Goliath

Opinions are welcome, but don’t get to mean please

I think you have misunderstood a couple of things, so here are my thoughts on your proposals.

First, all abilities increase in damage with every point. It just isn’t stated anymore. I guess it is supposed to be implicit.

Second, Velocity = speed. The more points you put in rock throw, the faster it flies through the air. It doesn’t have anything to do with the rock size.

Third, Frequency = how often you can use it. Higher frequency means the cooldown is done faster and you can use it more often. I don’t get what you mean by “the more spark charged the higher the damage.” What spark?

Finally, adding things like “Temperature” and “Weight” to Fire Breath and Charge don’t tell me anything as a player. Those are terms that I cannot intuitively understand in terms of how they affect the ability. For example, “Radius” is obvious as it increases the radius and thus the size of the impact. However, “Weight” is confusing and I could interpret that as “having more weight would slow Goliath down, and thus putting more points in this ability would make me move slower.” Which I’m pretty sure is not your intention. In fact, you said it would add “more or small amounts of damage when wrecked into.” But the ability already increases in damage when I put points into it.

Good design is easy for players to understand. I’m not sure what you are trying to accomplish in renaming, rearranging, and re-tooling what is already easy for players to understand.

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I did not know that, thank you

Thank you again

I like to think of it as Goliath charges his rocks with fire and leaps how else is there an explosion with the rock?

Temperature and Weight I agree on what you are saying. Thank you