Goliath Salvage skin / Pre order . Does Not Work With Multiple Users? (PS4)


ok, so i just bought the game yesterday and downloaded the skin from my ps plus account (brother’s), then i went to my account but the customize button does not appear. i went back and tried todownload the code in my account, but it doesn’t work. obviously it’s expired.
so im just trying to find someone that could explain this and find me a solution for this problem.
Why doen’st it work in my account, if it’s the same PS4?


They are tied to the account, not the console. Sorry. :frowning:


thanks but this does not happen in other games. it has to work , so i dont get the behemoth dude, but he does?
we bought this game, so we both want what we payed for. any solution?


You can try to contact Sony customer service, not sure that TRS can help you.


Waste of time contacting Sony, I tried a moment ago as I have the same problem. It’s the publishers fault for locking it to one account. It’s likely you will have to buy the behemoth when it’s out unless 2k change their policy, which is doubtful.


This is normal. I downloaded special Exo suits in CoD and my brother can’t use them on his account on the same console (even though he plays it much much more than me)