Goliath Rock Throw


Im starting to think this ability isnt really worth the time all that much. Sure people tinkerbell constantly but with assaults jumping in the way the moment they smell a rock throw. I just dont see the point of it.


Assaults don’t have god mode anymore, if you hit something, you’re in luck. Or you know…you can just hold the rock while he jumps in front of it like an idiot. Then throw it.


Sorry, but I don’t share the same opinion. After the latest buff, the rock does too much area damage. You need to be blind to miss something and, if you’re throwing rocks randomly, you certainly are doing it wrong.


If it’s an Assault, this is actually a legitimate strategy. If a monster is hard focusing your Medic, and goes for the Rock Throw/Banshee/Abduction/Tongue Grab/Web Snare, it’s not that bad of an idea when you’re Assault to tank the shot. Helps keep your Medic alive, AND you can get heals, AND you can use your Defense Matrix to lighten the kid.


Learn to hold the rockthrow and bait the Tinkerbell to jetpack into the air, then toss the rock at her while shes in the air and chase her down when she lands.


Yeah I’ve stopped putting points into throwing rock for now and it’s working great, decent assaults will just tank the rock most of the time and if not then chances still are that the target dodges it (which really isn’t that hard).


This was a huge boon to goliath with the recent reshift of the rocks splash / direct damage

Using the rock in proper positioning on your part ensures that while the assault make take the brunt of the rock and stop the direct, the spalsh will still hit whoever youre focusing- So youll only be out 100 damage, and still hit them for the other 9/10s of the ability.


Just so you know, if the assault decided to tank your rock throw he will take damage. If he pops his def matrix to tank it then you’re in luck. He wasted his matrix for a single rock. That means when it goes down the assault is going to be an easy down. Lets be honest a strike on assault is actually nice, you take out the main dmg source of the team.

You have no idea how many games I won as Goliath from killing assaults after he wastes his matrix. And also the feeling of being a tanky Goliath stuck in a dome with an assaultless team :smiling_imp:


I’ve never had my rock blocked a single time since that patch. :slight_smile: Assault can now only Rockblock if I try to snipe someone with it which, let’s be honest, was never going to hit him anyway if he was like awake.


I go with 1 point in rock from the start. When I see from first fight that they have good assault that catches (all) rocks; I go 2 leap and 1 charge stage 2.

Rock throw is still a nice finisher if you have a hunter nailed down at real face to face range (like against a rock), cert if you charged him out of position of his assault… Still nice dmg dealer, save it for when you see one out of position/zero jetpack.

Leap, charge and heavy hits are the real consistent dmg dealer from goliath imo. Rock for finisher or opportune, fire breath for some in betweens…



I learned that the best way to use it is while you are right in front of the hunters, it has become a bit easy to dodge. Trap someone and rock him to hell. Close and personal, it doesn’t matter if the rock has range, doing it at close range makes the rock throw:

A) Unexpected
B) Impossible to dodge
C) Less of a ‘sitting duck move’ while doing it. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I blasted half the armor off of a goliath with Hank’s orbital laser while Cabot’s damage amp was online and the poor sod was just sitting there, picking its pebble up.

Bottom line: up close.


yes, only longer range when you notice they don’t have any jetpack anymore…
that’s why I think it’s good finisher, if you have a hunter in panic that tries to dodge all the other abilities; he will not be able to dodge your hard hitting rock.


Leap smash into rock throw combo works fairly well. As does charge into rocket throw too.
Do it while they’re stunned from your previous ability!

Just hope to god TRS doesn’t screw you over with the hunter favored server connection, because if that happens…having 1-2 sec delays before your abilities actualy begin playing out will just screw you over…


Starting to think the Rock Throw should hit two targets before breaking. Doesn’t seem that bad considering the silly shit Gorgon and Kraken can do with their projectiles.