Goliath Rock Throw hitting-but-not-really bug. [VIDEO]


I figure more video evidence of this stuff always helps. I’m guessing this is a latency thing, but if so, that suuuuucks. That would mean hunters benefit greatly from a bad connection. It was also against two different players, so I dunno. (I never checked the connection status, unfortunately. But it seemed to be fine otherwise.)

Excuse the background noise, I listen to stuff and watch videos on my second monitor, because Monstering is lonely business:

I’d also like to note that the entirety of this match was one of the buggiest in memory. I got the sliding-around-the-map issue multiple times, a few more of these rock throw duds, a 3+ seconds “floating gently down the side of a rock, helpless” bugs… in the dome at stage 3 with minimal health no less, along with some other stuff. I only uploaded this because rendering out the entire match would take a while and I think most of this stuff is on record as known issues.

But this in particular bugged the crap outta me.


Happens A LOT…


wow that really really really sucks, as a fellow goliath player i feel your pain :cry:


Don’t forget the lovely moments though when Goliaths hit the side of a wall close to you and you take the full hit. The moment you stand behind a solid metal beam about 5 meters away from the metal beam and a Rock Throw still hits you. That moment when the big yellow circle clearly is next to you bu you still get hit, or that moment when you are barely standing out of the circle and don’t get the hit. Not to forget sideway’s and backway jumping goliaths, the once with latency issues that teleport through the map, do all the damage they want where the other team sees a seemingly teleporting goliath.

Yeah great stuff really. I love those Rock Throws that completely miss you and then still register a hit the most. Amazing stuff how you evade a incoming Rock and you never know for sure if the Rock is coming back into your face.


It does happen a ton, I never take rock throw for this reason. I do perfectly fine with leap smash, charge and firebreath.


So everybody here agrees that any kind of bug should be fixed right?


A lot of that is because the rock explodes when it hits. It’s basically a bomb, but yes, bugs in both directions are awful.

Especially when Rock Throw hits twice on the same person. I instantly downed an assault at full health the other day with that one. Bugs in my favor also suck, because I want to win by skill, not by bugs. Same with losing.