Goliath Rock Smash - This is some bull


I’ve seen some other threads on this, but from what I gather they are based around a different premise, are currently highly inactive, or were started prior to the latest major patches. IF someone decides this needs to be combined with another thread that’s fine, just wanting to refresh it.

Played a game where the monster player chose Goliath today. Not at all notable till he spams this wondrous trick; chucks a rock at increased speed as soon as leap smash lands. I don’t care what you think, no monster should have this kind of downing capability. I know Kraken has some similar issues with banshee mines combined with vortex and the like, and behemoth with tongue grab and fissure (I have yet to personally experience Krakens and Behemoths glitches and I’m unsure if Behemoth’s is intended) but this is exploitation of a glitch, not clever play, not by a long shot. This was on console, so no Macro (I know some people have associated this with that). He wasn’t 100% accurate with them, but he certainly was a good enough shot to get some cheap downs. He One shot myself with this twice (had a strike, then two obviously) and also our assault twice(full health not strikes, but was set alight just before this happened so maybe it finished him, either that or shrapnel glitch too lol) as well as our medic (reduced health, no strikes).

We run a premmade (full squad) and we have I would say a 95% win ratio or something akin to it. We’re not the best, but we do alright (W/L isn’t much of a bragging point with premmades). I can promise you this, if he hadn’t been doing that we would have mopped the floor with him. After he managed S3 and downing me and assault (both at two strikes at that point) with his trick, he could not finish off our medic and support (who honestly bossed the end of that). Reason being, he stopped trying to hit them with eh glitch and was just rushing to try to get the down. For more than two minutes they endured a 1/3 health Goliath with probably 3 bars of armor going all out, whittling him down to just over a bar of health by the time the drop ship doors opened. Yeah we won, but it shouldn’t have even been close.

TL;DR This needs fixed. It’s not clever, it’s not intended. When I shred off all a monsters armor and half their health in a nearly unavoidable (if landed) and near instant combo, then maybe it’s fair. Until then it’s just a cheap win tactic. Monsters that use it are simply afraid that without it they aren’t good enough to win.


Dodge, he gets 2 cooldowns. ^.-
I’ve not been hit by this combo yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


This doesn’t seem like a problem…


Do you mean the bug where he leap smash with a rock in his hands, because was supposed to be fixed, so it’s strange it is back.
Or just using both during a short ammount of time?


and yet you come here complaining when something is harder than usual?, wtf kind of a premade is that? the i-wanna-win squad?.

yes it’s not intended, but it’s fair game till it gets fixed, if i were you, i would enjoy fighting the goliath while it is as strong as it is currently, rather than come here complaining when your 95% win ratio gets challenged.


To @Shin it’s easier said than done. Especially since he wasn’t a bad monster player. I might have exaggerated a bit, it was probably like a 50 50 spread on when it hit, but being able to burst that much damage that fast is pretty tough, especially when we didn’t see it coming (first time I’ve encountered this. I’m on console so I feel like it’s less common here). After we figured out what was happening then it wasn’t as bad, but the super speed rock was still a whore to dodge.

To @Kaiser I’m not entirely sure how it isn’t.

To @MrTalha, no. He Jumps, and about halfway through the leap his hands go down and a rock appears. About a quarter of a second or less after the leap smash attack goes off a boulder comes out at something like 1.5 to 1.75 it’s normal speed. There’s no windup at all for rock throw.

To @Araji, way to troll bro. Idk what our actual win-rate is, and honestly I could care less. I want a fair fight is what I want, not some guy taking advantage of coding. Fighting him when he can down you like that isn’t really an enjoyable fight. I want to be challenged, but not because of something like this. I know it came off as whiny, which was probably due to posting shortly after this all happened, however it’s undeniable that it doesn’t support fair play. If he would have beaten us fair and square then I wouldn’t be here. I just want to make sure the issue is addressed and kept up to date. Right now Kraken’s issues are the most pressing and he should be the first thing to get fixed, followed by balancing issues more than likely. I just don’t want this to end up slipping under the radar. Honestly I think people shouldn’t bother with doing this, as it isn’t making them a better player and if and when it is fixed then it will be a lot of wasted time trying to perfect an imperfect technique.

I’m guessing you main monster, do you do this, or do you just support it. The counter being if a Hunter could do something this ridiculous would you be complaining?


thats a terrible way to look at things
thats like saying trappers should sunny boost out of domes and the monsters should be happy because it will give them more of a challenge.
which by the way is clearly broken.


Agreed. Or the map buff of teleporters. It’s way too easy to just dome the monster and disappear to go off about your business, especially on Nest or Rescue when the monster isn’t careful and there’s an easy win alternative. Curious to see how they fix this though, as I can’t really see a way to prevent this without making the booster near worthless.


macman said it will go down in ten seconds unless the trapper gets inside


Is this a bug or just people doing an ability combo?
(Goliath 4 da win :monster:)


It skips/speeds up animations so I would lable it as a bug


ohh right. That makes sense now :smile:


Ah I thought you just meant throwing a rock after the leap smash so was confused. If he can draw the rock during the leap then that’s clearly a bug.


That’s actually quite clever. Solves it entirely, with or without Sunny. Hope restored! (wish I had thought of that).


Yeah there was this huge thread about it. Macman said he saw it as a possible strategy to buy some time, but also didn’t want dome exploits from either side.
if the dome instantly dropped the monster could still knock the hunter out while the dome is falling
but this way the trapper could get back in and keep the dome up

anyways, back to the topic


I think i seen this also, but it could be a connection issue like lag maybe not on your part but the monsters. I seen something like you said but the monster didn’t end up wining. He chose Goli again and i didn’t see him use that trick so i honestly think its a connection issue because i see things like this randomly.


and then the dome goes down 10seconds later because the trapper isnt inside.

it was fair game untill it got fixed.


Definitely not a connection error. If it was only once then I would understand, but it was clearly deliberate, and we hadn’t had any other noticeable connection issues the whole game. If it had only happened once, thn maybe I would believe you, but it was multiple times.

To @Araji, so you mean to tell me that in any game that there’s a glitch that gives one side an obvious and unfair advantage, they should just repeatedly exploit it for unfair wins? That would be like a basketball team being allowed an extra player and then claiming they’re the best team because they do so well; or in the case of games someone with an auto-aim or lag switch bragging about their kills. It’s not how it should be played. It needs to be a fair fight. Having this in there certainly isn’t. The whole “fair game till fixed” is a rather foolish policy.


this is evolve, and as the dev’s has stated, some things are unintentional, and will be fixed, but seeing as they have not, and are not going to, ban anyone - for using these things, it’s Fair Game.

[quote=“Jag, post:18, topic:54851”]
a basketball

[quote=“Jag, post:18, topic:54851”]
an extra player
[/quote]and daisy isn’t like a 5th player auto ressing people? right. i play hunter mainly, and even i know how stupid that is.


I’ve tried this
seems really ineffective
either rock throw is doing very low damage for some reason
or flat out missing completely
its just more efficient to put all your points into rock throw and fire breath and grab the damage perk or wildlife buff and overwhelm the hunters with raw damage.