Goliath put 3 points in "Trolling" at stage one, proceeds to teleport around and stand on our heads



Who the heck voted against restarting the round? Seriously…

Anyway, funny footage and I’ve never seen anything like THAT before. I loved the part where it seemed like he was a ballerina floating about.


He’s a lover, not a fighter!

He’s stopped trying to impress his militaristic and demanding family and he’s pursuing his true dreams.

We can all learn something from him.

And yes I am salty because I wanted to be a ballerina too. Shaddap, Shin. >.>


What, how, and why o.o


I wasn’t going to say anything…
I wonder what bug was making him teleport on players heads though…


Goliath is just experimenting with teleportation. He just want to be like Wraith. :slight_smile:


Coincidentally, this was on wraith trap, looks like.


When a Wraith monster and a Goliath monster love each other very much…You get that


I cant see what he wrote in the post…its blank 0_0