Goliath Plushy


Who doesn’t want their own goliath plushy I just want one as a pet & it shall be named Scruffles.Whats everybody else think.


I will name mine Jimmy.


Prepare for the Daisy Plush-lovers to come!

I’d be fine with any plush though and any more great Evolve stuff period. I’m currently wearing 4 of the 5 wrist bands too. I gave my support wristband to a friend that needed some support. Said I’d always be her support and so now she wears it every day ^_^.


That’s so sweet. :stuck_out_tongue: And kinda cheesy, but still.

And Daisy plushies?! Where?


Cheesy is my middle name. Bread is my last… and now I want to eat myself.

No where, yet. I’m certain someone will be plushy-ing everything in Evolve sooner or later.


That’s the most likely plushy that they’ll make seeing as she’s the loyal trapjaw.But I want a goliath Plush damnzits.


I want a Daisy and a Goliath plushie. TRS plz. Wai yew du dis.


Wai yu do dis rider I’m sorry that just made me think of fate cero Abridged on YouTube & yah daisy & goliath & also a sunny drone or Slim bug lol


“Now announcing the plush you’ve all been waiting for – Mammoth Bird! only $29.99. Supplies limited; order now.”


I agree with hydrowolf.Plushy everything & then also a ghost plushie from destiny & then I would be happy.



To put it plainly, the Mammoth Birds killed the plushies of everything else. Sorry, man. On the plus side it also doubles as a tazer.


You got a good point there Someone’s attacking just throw your plushy at them perfect home defence now in red pink gray & blue new color coming soon & at all new lower price $19.99 lol


That’s going to be handy! Yay!


Especially since people outside of the Evolve community will underestimate it. The last mistake they will ever make.


Exactly. Like, “Oh, what’s she going to do with a toy bird? Hahahaha, little b- AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHH.”




Agreed theyed be rolling on the floor laughing one moment then having a seizure cause it’s electrocuting him XD