Goliath Plushies?


Is this a thing? Will it be a thing in the future? I kinda want one…

Where are the Evolve plushies?
Monster Plushies

What about :daisy: plushie?


Yes. Yes. Yes.



I want a Kraken plushie…


They can do all kinds of stuff, if the game takes off, from Daisy plushies to expensive Goliath statues.


Kind of strangely liking the idea of a Daisy item. I would prefer a plastic statue though, I never was a fan of Plushies.

Something to sit on my desk, and stare at me all day. xD


I would adore a plushie cephladon.


A Daisy plushie would be the cutest. I remember @Sledgepainter even had a concept for this one.


Yes give me a plushie


I guess I am the only one who wants a statue instead of a plushie. xD


I would love a turret or Bucket UAV plushie. :smiley: I think Goliath or Daisy would be more likely though, since they are far more popular.


I wish i had more hands, so I could give this idea 4 thumbs up!!


Just make 4 accounts to like the OP 4 times, simple

And I would probably prefer a Daisy plushie over a daisy one, but for a statue Goliath takes the cake


DafuQs a plushi???


The first post here kinda describes it, and gives an example of a dasiy one


Behemoth plush!


I think plushies are certainly doable of all of the monsters…but I just know a Daisy is coming…it just HAS TO! And I prefer a plushie to the statue any day, because I can take Daisy to bed with me or bring her in my car. I can take photos of her travels in cute adorable ways! In fact, if we do get a Daisy plushie, I will be sure to do this.

Also, a Bucket head UAV is just begging to be thrown at someone. I can see that in the TRS office now, lol.


YES!!! If I wanted a top 3 plushie, it would be Goliath, Daisy, and Bucket! :heart_eyes:
(Hyde gets an honorable mention)


YES! I like your thinking! :wink:


What a way for @MacMan and @SlabOMeat to monitor the entire building :smile: