Goliath Players on PS4


Who is the best Goliath player on PS4?

I’ve been playing a lot of Goliath lately. I love it. I’m addicted. I want to get better.

I’ve played a lot of the top 50 Goliath’s on PS4 as a hunter, but always in random pub games. Obviously playing public matches is a vastly different experience than playing an organized, communicating team.

To those of you on such teams, which Goliath players consistently give you the most trouble in custom matches? What do they do differently from the other revolving line of Goliath’s you shred up on a regular basis?

Since the arrival of T4 I feel like a lot of the players that use to play him have stopped. I get it. The hunter players have very steadily improved over the past few months in general. Just playing well against an organized team is hard enough. Playing well while also being a fun-to-play, often-engaging Goliath is a task I’m sure pretty few are still currently up for.

I’ve already learned so much from observing you really good Goliath’s out there. Who should I be watching closer?

I understand the leaderboards don’t currently really mean anything but since it’s all we have I’ll share my opinions on the players I have either played against or watched stream that I’ve personally been impressed by:

Danny_Dynasy - A beast. I’ve never seen him lose. Does this dude ever lose when he’s actually taking it seriously and trying?

FormationHD - Only played against him once and it was over quickly and forcefully.

Mutafa86 - Very good player. Seems to have fun and take a lot of risks while playing pubs. I’ve seen him lose but every time it’s just seemed to be a case where he over commits and then chooses to just take a loss over running away to extend the game to double or triple the time when it doesn’t work out. (Side note: I super appreciate players like this on either side that are realistic to the current situation and don’t needlessly extend and drag out lost cause matches.)

Man_Myth_Legend9 - This dude is #13 globally in wins with 388 but also #1 in losses with 274! He obviously plays a lot. I don’t understand this guy at all. Is it multiple people playing on one account? I honestly beat this guy with three other randoms over 10x in a row once but another time playing with friends he absolutely destroyed us 3 games in a row before leaving the party. Anyone know what’s up with this guy?

B-Wood3235 - I’ve only played this guy twice, three times tops but each time we were completely manhandled. Very impressed.

B1gGirlsNeedLuv2 - Another player with a lot of losses but the few times I’ve played against him were brutal. I’m guessing the majority of those losses came during the learning process bc he seems too good to have that many.

The_PureEvil_One - I just played this guy the other night and he literally evolved to S2 at 0:59 on the game clock. Me and my team couldn’t believe it. It’s the fastest we’ve ever seen. Our trapper called him out for hacking so he sent us the video and it was actually legit. What’s the fastest evolve you guys have seen?

Shadowknight890 - This dude took out me and some (decent) randoms at s1 three games in a row recently before I just gave up and backed out. Anyone seen this guy go s2 or s3? It’s an intimidating thought.

KillThGovernment - Sadly I had to scroll down to #71 to find this name but I was looking for it specifically. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve played against him as Goliath but I owe this guy credit for opening my eyes to how fun playing Goliath can be.

So, thoughts? These guys are the best IMO that I’ve come across and remember from pub games but who’s the best in customs? Who have I not played that may be better than all the names I mentioned?

If any organized team out here scrims with any of the best Goliath’s and have an open spot for an observer I would love the opportunity to just be able to watch and learn!


Danny Dynasty: cool guy, but only above average monster player.
FormationHD: absolute best imo.
Mutafa86: only seen him play hunter and behemoth, he played badly at both.
ManMythLegend: played against him with randoms a couple times and he stage 1’d us.
B-Wood3235: never heard of this guy, he sounds terrible.
B1G: definitely an example of being high on the leaderboards due to time played rather than skill. He got pissed at me when I stage 1’d his team 4 times in a row and then he and his team rage quit. Played against his Goliath a few times, he didn’t seem like he knew what he was doing.
PureEvil: got to stage 3 in 2 and a half minutes and won in about 5 total. He seems damn good.
Shadowknight: played him when he was hunter a few times and won pretty easily, haven’t seen his monster play.
KillthGovernment: this guys such a good kraken I had forgotten how good a Goliath he is. Dudes a beast player in general.

Most of these guys are just pubstompers. Not sure about the other ones, but FormationHD , Killthgovernment, and B-Wood3235 do well in customs. Idk how many are on the forums but off the top of my head, some good PS4 goliaths are

What is your psn? I’m sure I can get you an observer spot for one of these guys’ games.


I didn’t make the list. I am sad. :’(

Though I tend to use Behemoth more anyway so it’s all good.

Goliath's Great Struggle: Complexity Creep

Thanks Bwood!! Yeh i havent played goliath as much as i used to because some team comps just destroy him. I play alot of kraken now. Goliath definately can still be good if you land abilities. But being a good monster is also about choosing good feeding paths and making smart decisions. If anything you could play my team and we can give you feedback and ways to improve. And glad to hear i made it!


I think i remember pure evil one. we went like 2-2 before he quit. first 2 games he suprised us lol. then after that he got stomped. only 2 man team with 2 pubs.

them leaderboards tho…

glad to see formation finally get his jitters over with and play good lolol. the first time he played monster in the tourney we were on the edge of the seat cuz he should have lost 100% hahaha.


Im gonna go ahead and throw my name in this running


I made Danny quit while playing Maggie a month ago :blush:


Anyone ever play me? Tooth_and_nail? I’m ~ 46 Goliath USA


How do you guys know you play ppl who are top in leaderboards? You cant possibly have memorized hundreds, obviously…


Im in the 10,000s for goliath on the leaderboards, and anyone who has gone against me will tell you that im a top ps4 goliath player, so i dont take leaderboards in consideration. Honestly with all due respect to all the good goliaths, @B_Wood3235 is the only goliath i have.SEEN that’s probably better than me.


Yeah imo top ps4 goliaths go

  1. FormationHD
  2. B-Wood3235
  3. KillthGovernment
  4. michigan_ball

I know @LosSalvatierras is a great behemoth and if I remember correctly he’s a damn good Goliath as well.


formation isnt on the forums huh. . . oh well hes proly better than me now. he practiced a ton


I’m not sure if he’s on the forums but yeah he’s definitely a great Goliath. I’m pretty sure he went pro.


hej man I sometimes stream playing as a monster and i consider myself as one of the best Goliaths…twitch channel is called chickenfocker check it out if you wanna get real good with goliath my recent broadcast was almost pure goliath for 2 hours long try to watch it it has some commentary and there is a lot of strategy going on in my play that you will see for yourself that i never seen from other monster players especially Goliaths.

just telling you cause you seem passionate about Goliath and i know i can make you a better Goliath player!


Creepingdeath444 is one of the best goliaths i have played against and i just can’t beat him :smile:


he was on my team in the first tourneys. we let him play goliath once. never let him touch monster again ahahaha. good times. even he benched himself he was like F that man my hands were shaking lol.


Good goliath players are hard to chatch, uses smell moderately and strategically, watches jetpack use and uses skills accordingly and they focus the right people. Skills can be used to burn jet pack also and if you utilize this well then hunters will have a hard time compensating when their jet pack is out and his jumps are up. As much as i love the goliath hes one of the harder monsters to play against good groups of hunters because Hes grounded and his leaps are best used conditionally so hes easy to stay on top of depending on the terrain.


I am best PS4 Goliath, now where do I get my trophy


First of all, thank you everyone for your responses! So cool that @B_Wood3235 and @HLGKillThGovernment actually saw this!

@B_Wood3235- My psn is STL_Legendary. Add me. It would be very cool to observe you play sometime if I’m online when there’s an open observer spot in your lobby. It would be cool to talk some Goliath shop sometime too but I’d be more than happy with just staying mute and observing as well.

@Hydrawolf- Haha Don’t be sad! The people I specifically mentioned were just the ones that I personally remember playing against or have seen stream. The main reason I posted this is because I know the leaderboards don’t mean anything when it comes to the question of who is actually best. I love watching or playing any good Goliath but the problem with only playing them in pub games is that you’re never seeing them try their hardest or even playing against a decent team most of the time. I’ve watched a lot of competitive Goliath matches online (Girth-Zilla is a BEAST) but the majority available, at least that I’ve been able to find, seem to be shout casted from observer mode and skip around to a lot of viewpoints. I just want to see Goliath’s! Haha. As I mentioned above to BWood, I’d love to observe you play Goliath sometime if there’s an available spot in your lobby. I’m looking at the leaderboards right now and regionally I’m only 4 spots away from you! You have two more wins than I do. I have 93 more losses than you. I’m sure I could pick up a thing or two! :smile:

@HLGKillThGovernment- For me personally, a really skilled Griffin player is THE most frustrating thing in this game to play against. I’ve had the displeasure of playing you in that role multiple times. You’re ridiculous dude. Absolutely miserable to play against. That being said, I have no problem with taking a few highly probable severe beat downs from your team and getting your feedback but I definitely don’t consider myself anywhere near a worthy opponent… yet! Yeah I definitely figured you played a lot less Goliath (at least pub) lately. I like all of the monsters in this game but the main reason I want to be a good Goliath specifically is because I believe he’s just all around the most fun. To play as or hunt. Which monster is the most fun for your team to play against? Or when it comes to fun is it less about the monster and more about the person playing monster?

@michigan_ball - I consider this post a success. I completely agree about the leaderboards. Finding players like you to watch for who I hadn’t played or heard of yet is exactly what I was looking for. Do you play many pub games? To you and any other good Goliath players on ps4 reading this: add me. PSN- STL_Legendary. I’m not exactly sure how the settings in observer mode work but if it’s possible for me to just observe and not even be able to listen to your party’s personal conversations that would be awesome. A quick message along the lines of “Going to play a couple of Goliath matches, open spot available in lobby if you wanted to join and observe” would be awesome to receive from anyone.

@antikaratekid- I’m 100% sure I’ve played with you as a hunter before but I can’t recall if I’ve ever played your Goliath. Add me!

@ShinigamiB- Honesty, the Goliath leaderboard is the only one I pay attention to. Obviously, I’m aware leaderboards aren’t an accurate reflection on who is actually “best” but unfortunately at the moment we don’t have a whole lot else to reference. Hence this post. I definitely don’t remember hundreds of usernames but I’d say there is a very good chance when I lobby up with top 100 Goliath players I definitely recognize names. Also, some names, regardless of skill are just so memorable! Combine a relatively small player base and the fact that I’ve been able to play this game a lot lately and you tend to come across names you recognize. Browsing the leaderboards for hunters I recognize a LOT of usernames. Which makes sense since the only common trait among every player high on every characters leaderboard is a lot of time played.

My main motivation overall for becoming a better is Goliath is the future health of player base for this game. I’d like to become good myself so that I can pass on that knowledge to future prospective Goliath’s. All opinions are welcome and please speak up if you feel differently but I feel like having a lot of good Goliath players out there can only help this games future. I understand I’m not making or breaking anything but I feel like if we all did our small part in trying to welcome new players and give them as much information as possible in a positive way to be competitive (in pubs at least) it could make a huge difference.

Thank you all again for your time and responses. I hope to see some of you online soon!



dont mind me im a nobody. ppl say my kraken is scary. even tho goliath won all the tournies lol. i play all monsters tho and im super low on the leaderboard. dont have time to play enough.