Goliath obviously OP while wraith is underpowered


This blue goliath thing was already overpowered in the base game, devs didn’t notice it apparently.

And while this happens wraith was nerfed to oblivion for no apparent reason GG


I think you missed a Kappa at the end…

Meteor has no burst damage and every comp that involves a lot of shields screws him over while Wraith is considerd as OP af by most of the new players ( what is untrue imo but thats my opinion).


It helps to have more than anecdotal evidence to go off of for the devs. Specific examples or videos to back up your points are invaluable.


Wraith is far easier to play than goliaths.


Dude, what are you smoking. Here’s a video of a guy on a 15 win streak as wraith stage one wiping a team for the fifth time in a row.

And here’s a link to the forum topic by that guy explaining how broken wraith is.


I think you accidentally switched the names around lol.
Meteor goliath’s damage, while very very annoying, can be mitigated by a well reacting support + medic.

Wraith is very powerful at the moment as the new decoy seems to be dealing a bit too much damage than was intended and her traversal is so good that a half decent wraith player can always stay out of dome range.


Actually, 25 win streak now.

Newest video I just uploaded.


I’m trying to provide those videos for people.


We are closely monitoring all monsters and have solutions on how we can make them feel great to play and fair while also not being overwhelming for players to deal with.


I don’t know if my opinion matters much since I’m on console and haven’t actually had the chance to play Stage 2 yet but I’ve been watching youtube videos and streams constantly and from what I’ve seen and heard all the monsters are well balanced except for Behemoth (and I know he’s undergoing some major fixing right now).


I hope that doesn’t include making monsters useless.

A skilled monster is as dangerous as skilled survivors, it’s hard to talk about balance when we have new blood vs skilled players.

The steam forums are full of new guys complaining about monsters, when it’s them that need to learn how to play.

I saw this thread talking about Wraith being OP for having to much DMG, we all know Wraith has extremely low DEF, so having high DMG is reasonable.

Just saying to keep stuff like that in mind, else you’ll be ruining the balance instead of improving it. Most of the complains are baseless at the moment.

Right now the most skilled are winning (either survivors or monsters), and that is fair and not unbalanced as stated. I feel the game is way more balanced than before, where any of the two parties has a chance to win based on skill, when we all know on retail survivors had the upper hand.


For sure, we got this :wink:


Speaking of which just had an incredible match against a Wraith where both teams were skilled, we won but was extremely fun and balanced.


I am by no means at the high end of play, but the main problem I see with wraith is the with cooldown reduction they can just spam decoy in the middle of a fight, and the copy acts as a huge bullet sponge (even trying to shoot the real one, it just gets in the way) which also dishes out decent damage.


Another thing, I know a lot of people are new to the game but they still provide valid feedback. Just because someone isn’t playing at a really high level doesn’t mean they should be disregarded. A large portion of the player base, a large majority even, aren’t at those level of play, and I don’t think we should be balancing the game exclusively for the people who are really good.


Remember when this game first came out and Wraith was waaay too strong, pissed everyone off, and literally by itself killed all interest in this game for the community at large? Let’s not have a repeat of that specially with the video of you guys saying, “We have a second chance.” You do have a second chance, don’t make the exact same mistake with this one monster and piss everyone off and cause them to leave. I know it’s why I left.


Devs are just waiting 1-2 weeks for data to come in, then a big balance patches are coming. The devs also promised weekly patches now that it’s just on steam and not on console #pcmasterrace


I’ve seen 44 and 45 win streaks from different Wraith players as well. So uh, yes, I believe maybe there’s some things to work on with Wraith.


Probably those are regular players who’s been playing pre-stage 2. I know an amazing Wraith player, so they could just be pubstomping because of the new hunters.


I think that’s only part of it. It’s certainly the case that the players with 40+ win streaks are experienced, and skilled, and some of their opponents aren’t. But think about the statistics and probability that they’re that good that they’re able to defeat different groups over 40 times? That’s… that’s indicative of something else, I’d say. I don’t consider myself a newbie. I think I’m half decent, even - but the playing I saw was definitely suggestive that the monster character wasn’t optimized for players that good. I had a team for one of those rounds that didn’t make any visible mistakes to me (I was the medic), and even when support was doing their shielding, and assault was shooting, and trapper was trying to CC, we still got it handed to us pretty thoroughly in the first dome.

I don’t know. I don’t agree that it’s just sheer skill - I think it’s imbalance.