Goliath nerf was too heavy!

The stage 1 buffs no one cares about, fighting stage 1 is the best scenario for hunters. But Goliath having his stamina regen severely reduced along with damage nerfs on his stage 3 abilities was too much.

Bad players will still be stomped by monsters and really good hunters are unbeatable now if they use Sunny, Maggie, Slim and Lennox.

The most broken being Slim and Sunny, when will her shield get a cooldown? As monster during a fight you need to melee it 3 times and she insta replaces it somewhere else. And slim deals soo much damage while healing everyone. I was hitting all my abilities perfectly and got close to downing someone (before the nerf it was enough to down someone) but he healed them backup. Then i had to waste time again to get rid of the shield drone, losing hp.

The biggest struggle was to switch targets since your stamina recharges so slow now. Also once the hunters found me i couldn’t get away at all.

I saved all my stamina charges and abilities to jump off elevated areas to cover more ground, only to find that the assault was still 10 meters behind me.

That nerf was too much.


Yea I haven’t got around to playing gol yet, but It does seem weak as fuck atm. The stamina nerf was needed, and has to stay though. I dunno give people some time to adjust and make new builds, might be fine yet

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I tried out new Goliath… he plays as if he’s been marathoning Taylor Swift albums
In short, hes a flailing mess

I disagree. I won twice today as stage 1 Goliath and I’m a terrible monster player

Probably against bad players

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I think Goliath feels pretty nice, with the sole exception of Leap Smash being entirely too difficult to hit with now. It’s radius nerf was wholly unneeded, imho. Otherwise, he feels fantastic.

I have no problems with it. Haven’t lost a single game post patch. Even when people try to pull off some cheese.

Lol. Thanks for the insult. Much appreciated.

According to @B_Wood3235 you probably played bad people all day as well.

They were really close games, lmao. If I didn’t find anything to nom on in real quick down times, I would have been a goner twice.

This was against a good healing Val/ Sunny who spammed drones / Jack pushing me back/ Lenny punching my face

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Perhaps “bad” is a harsh word but tbh unless you’re fighting an expert premade you won’t really be bothered by the stamina nerfs.

Wen you fight an expert premade?


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I think he feels awesome though. I’ve never played well with monster against people. So I will take it.

Agreed- in combat, he feels awesome. The new skill alterations mean you generally have one off CD and it makes combat really fluid and fun. I love it.

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Stage 1 , lol. The players i face on “PC” and not on console or some bronze scrubs (i am talking about ESL players). Will wreck your shit even if you are stage 3 with a damage buff.

If you win stage 1 then the guy you played against were definitely afk or on medicine and played their first match.

That is what i am saying , the average noob playing against average noobs wont notice a difference.

But if you play against good players (which with the new update happens to me every game because i am gold ranked) you get your shit pushed in. And not because i am missing my abilities. It is just the overall lack of damage now combined with the lack of stamina.

If there is anything I would change about Goliath, I would buff the area range of some skills, specifically charge. Maybe buff the speed of charge as well. Its way too hard to hit someone/too easy to dodge.

I would also consider rock throw having proximity detonation a la stasis grenade. Its so damn hard to his a hunter mid air, at least with a controller.

Lmao. I’m not quite a noob there killer. Although they may not have been the almighty “pro” team, it was a feat that I’ve never done. I was never good at playing monster and this patch feels better to me. It has me playing monster more and that’s enough for me.
I don’t play for wins/losses anyway. I don’t play to be “pro” like omg what a concept, someone who actually enjoys the game.