Goliath needs some reworking. Although previous goliath was not far from perfection


The goliath has always been arguably the most fairly balanced monster. I understand that you want more engagements at stage 1 and 2 but on an professional level stage one still needs to run unless the hunters are caught outa position. Stage 2 is nice how ever most goliaths select 2 stage 3 abilities for a build which evidently makes the goliath nerfed at stage 2. Most of the other monsters benefit with spreaded points the goliath dose not for the most common used professional play styles. What I’m getting at is goliath in my opinion has a verry unique play style and has before been successfully balanced previously (Claps hands) before messing with his statistics be really careful remember goliath suffers more from cc then any another monster.


Balancing is a process, not something that can be done by the click of a button.
We are bound to experience some hiccups, but rolling back would make this all for nothing, which makes no sense.
TRS is working on it.


I disagree. I think he should still be focused on burst damage. His move-set and sluggish movement make him unviable in his urgent state. Goliath can’t combo his moves well because three of the four knock the hunters away, and the other is fire breath. He needs to be able to capitalize on mistakes and take the few opportunities he gets to down someone. It’s extremely difficult to combo effectively against hunters who aren’t plain garbage, and trying to force a monster who isn’t built for smooth combos and continuous damage to play like that is just unreasonable. He either needs a complete rework or they need to make his burst damage playstyle viable again.


Burst damage isn’t fun for hunters, Goliath’s only issue is that he can be too imprecise while also being too slow to recover from that inaccuracy. The issue is about movement and how he reacts and interacts with the environment around him.

Also Goliath’s issue is the same issue that all monsters have, and that’s with certain hunter comps being particularly harsh on monster mistakes without also leaving the gap open for the monster if it manages to break through the comp for a brief time.


Yeah, no kidding. I want back and forth battles that last, not going from 100% > 30% HP in one skill, worse if you have a strike.


Unfortunately, with the current rate of healing its basically mandatory that monsters deal burst damage. Unless they nerf healing across the board, i dont see this changing any time soon.


My personal complaint about goliath,

Is I feel hes too easily disrupted by the CC in this game, and theres a LOT of CC.

Finally break through Jacks Repulsor by wasting a couple of traversals?
Time for sunny to beam the hunter to the other side of the dome
Through a mine field left down by markov.
Who you now have to walk to.
Because Val is putting tranqs in you.
And you cant leap over there.
Because you already burned them on Jack.

Now youre missing a notable portion of your life.

But wait! Your abilities are off cooldown!

AND! Youre really close to that guy!

Then jack beam…

Oh, and dont forget that the hunter you MIGHT have hit once
Is now being guarded by a shield drone.
Which will be a nightmare to break through.
Because its got more capacity than Hanks shields.

So we better go take care of it

But dont charge or leap smash to it.

Because Jack.

BUT! You can rock or flame breath it!

Which basically means it did the same thing as shielding ANYWAYS, because youve now got an ability on cooldown.

So we can go melee it.

Light. Why is this thing still here?
Where did my HP go?
Oh look. Sunny has another one up. Way over there.

Damn sunny. Lets go for…
Damn jack
Finally got to sun… whered she go?

Oh. Hunters won.


Yes, balancing is a process. But sometimes it feels like we are taking more steps backwards than we are forward. And sometimes it feels like lessons arent being learned from past mistakes. The balancing experience is just as frustrating on developers as it is on players.


If he could jump more directionally I think that could help some. Why cant he jump backwards or to the side?


haha i could not explain this val sunny jack markov combo any better XD.
but it works alot safer/better with maggie in team 5x traps on a poor relay position, get kited for hours.

a tranqd goliath running around a pillar is like taking the stairs into the 50th floor of a big building.


Lol basically. It could have been any comp, was just painting a popular picture im seeing right now. Markov seems to be getting some love because of the fear of people going kraken and his ability to negate banshees.


I agree. But Goliath simply isn’t capable of combining moves into consistent, reliable damage, regardless of the hunter composition. He gets stopped so easily by trees, rocks, and even small ledges. He can’t turn very easily and assuming the hunters aren’t absolute garbage, three of his four abilities are ridiculously easy to dodge and if they do land, they knock the person away, making it more difficult to follow up with another move or melee. I’m all for the new system of trying to make spreading your points and doing consistent damage a viable strategy. But I don’t see that happening with Goliath without some serious reworking or just leaving him as the new pre-buff behemoth. Right now it seems like the hunters laugh their way to victory if you pick Goliath, and that’s not how it should be. Goliath should make you think of a rough, though even fight. That’s how it used to be. I’d rather play against the old Goliath and get instantly killed by a rock I didn’t dodge than play against the new one and run him over with such little effort. Can you honestly tell me that against any decent players, let alone a premade team with characters that they are talented and coordinated with, Goliath is capable of stringing together the combo of moves now required to down one, single hunter?


If I were to focus on any ability out of Goliath’s kit, it would be leap smash.

That thing is very touchy and as a result, inconsistent. I’d like to see it be more of a rock throw in the sense of aiming. If you aim at a wall, you will hit that wall. He also feels pretty slow when using the ability, looking at it from both hunter and monster perspectives.


It does bother me greatly that he can aim it at the wall but will glide graciously to the ground and hit there missing the hunter going up the mountain.


The most balanced monster isn’t balanced anymore… tsk tsk tsk

Playing as hunters versus goliath has gotten easier since this patch, a lot easier!


Achieved, balance can be :sunglasses:


I don’t understand why they nerfed him so much. It really had me scratching my head. My logic was if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. And they decided to “fix” him


For 7 months … Are you kidding me …

just don’t be blind just because you love the game or the dev doesn’t mean it prevents you from telling the truth . come on

I love what they have done … but I can still have an objection to some of the things went wrong

Goliath is the worst now … easily dodge leap smach with the radius nerf (worthless now)

no body even cares about charge … Fire breath does less damage and it’s not deadly

prob melee attack + Rock throw reliable


Like he said. It’s a process, things change, they’re experimenting day in and day out. Don’t call him blind for having a point.


let him defend himself @Toilet Wr

I am telling him not to be blind