Goliath Needs a Nerf


Goliath is massively OP, a simple fact that many players appear to be blind to.

With a monster so broken I would go as far to say a complete overhaul is necessary.

Step 1 - Appearance

The Goliath is far too ugly/scary/monsterlike. This scares off many younger players. I propose a removal of all spikes, teeth, and claws in favor of soft fur and kitten paws. Essentially a giant teddy bear.

Step 2 - Abilities

The Goliath is capable of killing the hunters. This is unfair to the hunters. In order to remedy this issue, I have carefully refined the Goliath’s abilities

Fire breath - Confetti Breath. Everybody loves Confetti

Leap Smash - Just Leap, no smash. Like Leap frog. Everybody loves leap frog.

Boulder Throw - Pillow Throw. Everybody loves pillow fights

Charge - Eh charge is fine.

Step 3 - Movement and Traversal

Goliath can move wayyyy too quickly. Plus he can rock climb without a harness, which is a bad example to aspiring amateur rock climbers. Hence, I propose the Goliath can only sneak to move, that way he won’t scare any birds (Environmentally friendly) nor face lawsuits from aspiring climbers

These are a few proposed preliminary changes to transform this wildly OP monster into a far kinder, more PR friendly companion. I will add more suggestions as the come to me, but in the mean time feel free to comment with additional thoughts and together we can help make evolve a more player friendly game!

Goliath is broken




Disappointed that this isn’t original but not surprised in the least. Oh well…


Exactly how I envisioned it.

Also give hunters party hats

I would buy that skin in a heartbeat


Came here seriously expecting the dumbest reasons possible. And in a vastly different way, I wasn’t disappointed.


I loled thanks OP


Oh good! Im glad you were just trolling.


This is some quality trolling, at least I loled.


That charge part cracked me up for some reason…


I completely agree the goliath is far too ugly just look at his teeth he really should brush them atleast he’s not a messy eater he wipes the blood off his face and as a baby they are far too uncivilized if they see a hunter they will bash their face in


You know what if they came out with a skin for Goliath where he was a giant teddy and firebreath was confetti and rock throw was pillow throw but they had the same effects as the normal goliath’s moves I’d buy it


I was about to give some nooblet an earful, then some nooblet gave me an earful instead. Hats off to you sir. You are a shining paragon of or species.


Was expecting someone to spill the beans about the Goliath Rock throw slam dunk exploit that one shots hunters.


Ha very deadly pillows and confetti it would make some funny matches


Can a mod please close threads like this, it’s sarcastic complaining that does no good on these forums. These types of threads have gotten so old, not even funny anymore…


Charge would become Goliath charging the hunters equipment for them


Yeah, I actually saw a bot do that twice in one game. So…


I was thinking give the Goliath a nice lace dress and a top hat


One of my friends did it while panicking in a dome. After seeing that I tried until I could do it flawlessly lol.