Goliath needs a nerf badly


As many matches as i have played where skill from kraken and wraith won the round goliath is too dumbed down to play. His fire breath, leap smash, and charge are too easy to use an require little skill. While rock throw is a little harder it hits aoe for full damage which can half health a hunter or kill a two strikes one. I believe that some nerfs like reducing the range of flame breath or damage of all his moves as well as a speed nerf on charge would be useful and not to devastating as goliath right now is op.


I would delete your post before you get some serious flame if this is for real lol.


I know this is satire, but I still love it. :+1:


Yeah, lets nerf the Goliath. ^.-


Not sure if srs or jokin…specially since he literally just got a speed nerf…


Why don’t you think bigger? LET’S NERF WRAITH SOME MORE!


Bigger you say?!?


and so it has begun.
Moderators do your job plz.

I still like this post though.


hello yes who do i speak to want to narf all monster into ground??


Mammoth Bird OP plz nerf.

But really, he is rather balanced now due to the T4 hunter weapons being fixed (they were his bane). Just play against actual hunter teams, not randoms then you will switch your tone ;p


I won a Goliath game today! Been a long time I think. Yet I lost right afterwards… :anguished:
Bloody climbable surfaces… Still can’t win against static objects without a controller…


I hate to say I told you so, buuuuuuut I told you so.


By the way wanted to gauge a reaction from people when the words goiath and netf were in the same sentence, it was what i thought it would be.


That you did…


I give this troll attempt a 2/10.


I’ll be nice, and give it a 10/10. I like making people happy most of the time. ^.-


Flame breath should be replaced with bubbles and the rock in rock throw should be replaced with a marshmallow.


KA WA II! \u//u/ :blush:



Funny stuff


Nerf Goliath? Like THE Golaith? Like this guy --> :goliath_roar:? The monster with the most even win/loss?

http://i.imgur.com/IUHIOjT.gif @dudebro21