Goliath, need a fix? I think so!


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Okay, now I’m not writing this to rag on the game, I have waited for evolve to come out since it was in

beta, and I love the game, as the hunter. I say as the hunter because the monsters seem to be somewhat

unbalanced in comparison to the hunters themselves. And no this isn’t a “Wraith is OP” rant, because we

all know that she is a sly little she-devil that will haunt your nightmares and eviscerate your bowls faster

than you can say, “Jesus! There she is!” I’m talking about the big tyrant of the land, Goliath. Now I know

that I’m not the best monster, I have only been playing since launch date. But when i do play the monster

I feel like the worst player in the entire world, and I have seen it in quite a few Goliath players as well.

What should be a giant, terrifying monster that will make you lye down, and cry the moment he reaches

stage 3, he comes off more as a bumbling oaf that is easy to track and hunt down, so loud that you can

hear where he is from practically across the map and, at full armor, a giant glowing target saying

“Haaayyy guyyyys!” From what i saw of him in beta/alpha, preferably alpha, he was a beast, an absolute

monster that, sure if you didn’t know what you were doing you would be tracked down and killed in stage

1, but from stage 2 and up, you, as the hunter really had to step your game up and think fast of your feed

to avoid becoming just another quick meal on Shear. And yes, I have gotten my ass fed to me while i was

getting torn apart by the love of my life, Satan himself, but that was when the team was stacked with

those who seemed like they had just finished installing the game and who were playing it for the first

time. Then we have the other hand, a team working together and communicating tracked down one and

killed him in less than 5 minutes.

In short, it seems like Goliath should be one scary bad ass, that you do have to know how to use, but at

the same time the hunters should be wary of your very presence. but he seems more like a strong, stupid

oaf who is adept at killing other bumbling oafs. Not giving any hate to those who have been killed by a

very skilled Goliath user, but that’s what it seems to me. You gotta be a pro player in order to put up a

fight. As of right now, since launch, and all the matches I have played it appears that the only one of the 3

who is the most balanced one, the one that, when you see them in the lobby doesn’t make you say "Oh

god not another one, this is a loss for sure bois!" or "Oh, him again. Well this should be too hard if we

dont go looking for him by ourselves" (I’ll let you figure out what ones I’m talking about) he’s the one that

makes you say “Okay dont underestimate him laddy-do’s, if were not on our toes we will lose.” And yes

I’m talking about the Kraken. now I dont wanna see the monsters buffed to the point where is like trying to

fight the raptor Jesus, but certain ones, like the ones or one I have been talking about need a helping hand.

But that’s just me, for all i know I’m just the worst player and I’m just giving my two cents. And also, think

about this for a second, the hunters win most of the time. Most of their losses are due to Wraith, and a

good number of their wins are to Goliath. It’s only been with Kraken that the W/L ratio have been roughly 50-50, win some, lose some.

I’d love some feedback whether you agree, or disagree, or have seen what I’ve been rambling about, or if you wanna go out for a steak dinner.
And remember, I feeeed on hate.
Love you (>^.^)> <(-_-<) ^(+.^<) (>^.+)^


Damn son, can you put some spaces between those lines ? My brain hurts I can’t read this.


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I have to agree with @Sweyn here, it hurt to read that. But read it I did…mostly.

When I first started I was AWFUL at everything, including Goliath. But since Big Alpha/Closed Beta/Press Build I’ve got to spend enough time with Goliath that last night (my first chance to play release) I crushed the people I was playing. You will too eventually - and then you’ll have games where you get crushed.

I think Goliath is in a good spot; he’s ‘tough enough’ when he has to be. :slight_smile:


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you guys are really wanting perfect format? just read my bitching lol


I really want to read your bitching, but I can’t. :frowning:

But guessing at what you’re trying to say, Goliath is actually extremely capable. I win a good deal of games stage two with him, focus on Rock smash which is exactly 50% of their HP, Charge, and Firebreath.


Goliath is in a good spot right now. He requires the most skill out of all the monsters to bring out his full potential and he is currently the most balanced monster. There are a lot of bad goliaths out there but there are also a lot of brand new players who are still getting the hang of things. I currently have a 100% legit win ratio with goliath so far and I never ever drop from a match to pad my K/D ratio even though a few times I thought I was going to lose the match. I have had both the alpha and beta to hone my skills and I lost many matches during that time.


IDK, I feel Goliath somehow got more clunky since the beta. It seems like it’s harder to wrench him in the direction I want to go and my attacks aren’t as fluid as they used to be. Whatever the cause, it sure is a good reason to start tightening up my gameplay and strategy!


(From the perspective of a monster main)

I do completely understand how you feel about the Goliath, he was an interesting starter choice. In my eyes, he is actually one of the more difficult to play, he lacks the mobility that the kraken has with its slow flight, and the dashing that the wraith has.

Sure you may state that he has more health and armor, the problem however is that keeping track of him is like watching a handicap person crawl… its more of a pitiful sense.

Every time I play as a hunter vs a goliath, I just immediately feel sorry for the Goliath because I know its going to die quickly and horribly.

The goliath is a starter monster, but if you can advance with him and get the others… it will be better for you in the end.


Sorry, sir, but Goliath is just fine. If you are struggling with him, you just have to understand his mechanics and learn to utilize him better. I am currently 21-1 with Goliath and the only match I lost had an AI Assault and Support that just tore me to pieces, needless to say I was heartbroken that my perfect record was no longer. Some tips for you to be successful as Goliath:

  1. Use your jump - all the time. Use it to escape, to climb tall objects, to close the gap on a hunter, use it to avoid laying down tracks. Use it all the time. Also, remember that when you are in combat, this cools down faster than when you are out of it, so while those pesky hunters may be shooting you as you run away for light damage, you are benefiting by putting more space between them.

  2. Flame breath. I almost always put 2 points into this right off the bat for the increased damage. It helps me take out wildlife quickly and is incredible for when the hunters bunch up. Not only that but it reveals stealth units and causes havoc when you get set on fire. When I hit stage 2, I always have 3 points into flame breath for it’s incredible dps and AEO - simply a must have.

  3. Stage 1 fights. You should really be getting full armor and then attempt to get a strike on one or two of the hunters, often times if I drop the medic right off the bat, I will go on to kill the remainder of the hunters and win right then at S1. The biggest tip I have here is to jump around and hide if you get domed, let the hunters come to you in an area that you want to fight (on top of a high cliff, in a cave, in areas where you can move around in cover). Remember at S1 you are still very mobile and can move around quickly, use this to your advantage! And lastly RUN AWAY if your armor is depleted and you are starting to take hits to your HP. I have seen far too many sit and let the hunters deplete a huge chunk of their life while the dome was down instead of running away and getting more armor.

  4. Pick your fights. This one is pretty obvious but it’s extremely important none the less. When you are ready to fight, go stir up some birds where you want to fight, find a spot to hide and start smelling. Typically these fights are best done when there is an Elite nearby - draw the hunters in and then engage when they are near the Elite, this will add a ton of damage and even CC depending on which creature you are working with. Also, I light to fight near and around water or acid, it makes it more difficult for the hunters to move around and also quite difficult to revive people.

  5. Stealth and juking. Daisy or not, you should be using stealth and laying false tracks all the time. When they do have Daisy, start by getting as much space as possible between you and her at the beginning, sneaking at the start simply will not be successful against Daisy. However, you can always run off one direction then stealth and jump back to a tall cliff and then run off in that direction. Always smell for the hunters, if you can see them coming, you will know where to go in order to avoid them. I always find that if you go back the way they just came from that they will not check back there unless you stir up some birds. If they do not have Daisy, sneak, often. The more you sneak and get hunters off your trail the more time you have to gain armor, evolve and setup traps for them. The #1 reason I win most of my games is because I send the hunters off to the opposite side of the map looking for me just by laying a few false tracks.

Hope that helps… it was quite a ramble while I was here at work, but I just couldn’t sit here and not chime in - Goliath rocks.