Goliath must be stronger than this


Why did you nerf the Goliath??? It is too weak! it was perfect in the beta!!!


He was nerfed?
Hes still stronk af man.


Please explain what you mean.


Yeah what nerf?


You mean the heavy hit cool down?


“If Goliath gets nerfed, I riot, hes my BABY, ain’t nobody gonna touch him”


Thats why I’m asking, like…who do I have to kill?


Probably heard something from a thread like this

people talk about the heavy hit fix as if it was a nerf. All it did was fix an exploit that was never intended


Oh okay yeah I would bet that is what he thinks is a nerf.


What is this, just the heavy attack just having a larger cooldown after pounce/traversals? And will i still be able to do the double dunk in the air everytime?


You know, I never even realized that the heavy attack was an actual heavy attack and had a timer on it. I always thought the melee animations were random. That might explain why sometimes Goliath did a heavy when I didn’t want the longer animation, and why when I try to knock hunters off from walls, sometimes they just keep going. Even with this awareness, I still don’t really notice any changes to melee when playing.


Oh yes, I’ve been whacked by the heavy melee knockover exploit more than once. I’m glad they fixed it.


Yeah there’s no difference at all unless you were using that exploit. In which case, you deserve to be sad.


I remember this!:wink:


I was unaware that there was an exploit.


How did one even spam the heavy attack? I never had it happen to me until today by a wraith. I was the trapper being stunlocked and my lovely team was doing something in the background instead of Stopping that dude lol.


Step 1: Heavy attack
Step 2: Charge
Step 3: Heavy attack again
Step 4: Fire Breath
Step 5: Heavy attack again
It was a weird timing thing, I accidentally used it a lot since it flowed really nicely so I thought it was meant to be a thing but guess not :grimacing:


You didnt even need to do that. The cooldown between heavys was 1 second. You could literally heavy melee. Wait. And heavy melee again. Most didnt notice because most monsters go “Ahhh leftclickleftclickleftclicdiedieDIEDIEDIE”) But of course combo’ing it with quick abilities between was even more devastating. So thats what some top tier guys were doing :slight_smile:


I thought you were MEANT to do that! It seemed natural. It let you get the damage you needed…


I never had a problem with Goliath’s heavy attacks… He was fine as he was. Problem used to be Behemoth, don’t know why this needed changed.