Goliath - Most Stealthy Monster?

The Goliath these days is shedding many monster tears - many players consider it underpowered and shun it for this reason. The Goliath cries as his big brother Meteor steals the spotlight.

But maybe Goliath avoiding the spotlight could be a good thing…

I won a match with the Goliath recently where I destroyed the Power Relay. The Hunters literally could not find me until it was too late.

But how could this be?!? The Kraken can fly, the Wraith’s more lethal, and Behemoth is…well, a Behemoth. What was the Goliath’s secret to winning? Did it cheat?!?

Of course it didn’t help that the Hunters had a bot Trapper, but there’s one more factor: the Leap traversal ability of the Goliath.

See, unlike the traversal abilities of the other monsters, the Goliath’s leap leaves no tracks. No little electrical bubbles on the ground, and certainly no fire trail.

Could this be Goliath’s secret weapon?!? I’ll leave you to decide. Just watch the sky…

Wraith doesn’t leave a permanent trail either.

She still leaves tracks.

Also you leave tracks when you leap and land so they were just bad.


But it does a noticeable warp sound.

I think goliath might actually have that 1up on them.


But the distance of the gap matters. Did he sneak a different way? Etc

The traversal ability of the Wraith, however, makes it float. A slower fall can make you more visible because, well, it’s slow. Goliath’s leap doesn’t have that side effect because of good ole gravity.

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I happened to leap a great distance because I happened to fall in a canyon. Ergo a big gap between tracks.

Goliath makes the same amount of noise, just at a lower pitch. Granted, wraith is definitely more noticeable, Goliath’s not to hard to keep an ear out for.

shrugs I’ve seen people use this to their advantage.

Maybe if Maggie isn’t the trapper, goliath (and MG) might be the new Ninja as wraith sure as hell isn’t anymore.

Wraith may not be quite, but she has the best stealth tools, decoy and a low profile sneak.

Wraith is the stealthiest. Tiny, low profile, makes only an extremely quiet sound as she moves without sneaking, etc. Even if Goliath was stealthier…Carrion Birds throw an axe into that tactic.

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These things still haunt me. I remember the time I got nothing but birds for five straight meals. It was terrifying.

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Both the start and the end of a leap leave tracks.

Not to mention anyone even remotely close to you will hear a loud
“Buuurgh!” - “Boom!” equal in volume to Godzilla throwing up everytime Goliath jumps. He’s got the loudest traversal in the game.

You said it yourself. Bot Trapper. There’s your problem I’m afraid.

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