Goliath Mastery tips and tricks!


So recently ive decided to spend my life grinding for elite skins on all monsters and eventually the hunters.

I did behemoth and that was a breeze so ive decided Goliath is to be my next goal. now thankfully his mastery requirements were toned down quite a big chunk which is great, but does anyone have any tips for getting hunters into the air to cause the rock throw and fire breath damage? any maps, game types, or characters that get those hunters into the air more that you guys know of would be great. ill take whatever i can get! thanks and happy hunting!


Defend, acid Biome. There is a large building pillar on the left of the first generator. Stay up there and then burn/rock throw people jetpacking up.


Easiest way that I could do it :smile:


I actually recommend doing it through online. It may be harder, but I did all my masteries that way. It’s very satisfying though, and fun.