Goliath Mastery Final Stretch, Too Much?


I recently reached the final phase before Elite status with Goliath and I wanted to hear other peoples opinions on this…

For me, in my opinion the last Rock Throw and Fire Breath targets are a little too much:
Flame Breath = Deal 80000 damage to mid-air hunters
Rock Throw = Hit 150 mid-air hunters

The Rock Throw being the main problem here. I had no trouble with Leap Smash and Charge, but hitting MID AIR hunters 150 times with a rock throw, I’m aware it’s for Elite status… But Geez… I would have expected this to be swapped with Leap Smash (Deal damage to 50 hunters from a 50 meter leap)

Then onto Flame Breath, I know it’s obvious that this one can be reached eventually through casual play, but even then, on the games I’ve had I tend to Average around 800-1000 with this target… That’s a hell of a lot of grinding…

I’m not one to complain about stuff like this in games, and here, I’m not complaining I just want to hear people’s thoughts about this.

The main reason I posted this is because I met the Leap Smash and Charge targets many matches ago, and I’m roughly a quarter done with these final two targets.


The rock throw one I GUESS can be tuned down to 100 or 125. 75 if im a pleb.

The flame breathe is WAYY too much imo. Everything else is aight.


Yeah, they seem to be outstanding targets since Leap Smash and Charge are a fraction of these two…