Goliath maniacs, look over here please!


Hi everyone, I am not sure where to put this one so if anyone can move it to other threads feel free to, it helps out alot!

So yeah the thing is that as you might know I play Kraken all the time, I never switch monster, he is my main one. In around 1 of 80 games I might play Behemoth and that’s it. Or if I got a new skin for a monster I always ‘‘test that one out’’. I rarely play other monsters.

I used to be a main with Wraith before Kraken (she is my second most played monster after Kraken) but I cannot use her online anymore because her melee attacks are glitching out due to the connection. And I know they changed her melee but it’s not that, I tested her in solo and there she works fantastic, I love her, but when I go online with her - all of her melee moves are glitching out so she is broken to me.

But yes anyways, I really wanna be a good Goliath, I wanna be as good and confident with Goliath as I am with Kraken. So if there is any Goliath mains out there who plays him ALL THE TIME, could you send me some tips and tricks, build for stage 1 2 and 3? Or add me on playstation (AmandAvicii) and perhaps teach me while I am in observer or you see how bad I am with him and correct my mistakes? I ALWAYS miss his rock throws, hunters dodge my attacks all the time. I am doing something wrong and I don’t know what. People have been telling me: ‘‘Waste hunters jetpack before doing a move’’ Yeah how do I do that haha? By flaming them? Let them dodge another move? No they know all the tricks already :confused:

And I’ve been watching on youtube when people play him, for exaple Somewhat Awesome Games is SO good with Goliath, but I just don’t know how he does it, it’s pure magic I’m not joking.

So if anyone could help me with this I’ll love you forever and ever.


I summon thee, @Wednesday13 and @deanimate


If the hunters don’t have enough space to dodge you can hold up a rock without throwing it, wait for them to jetpack dodge and then throw it where they land


Oh yeah I’ve seen that one in the tutorials for Goliath, it works on lower rank players, but 98% of my time I play against silver elite/destroyers hunters who are really good and know what you are up to. I’ve tried that but I just swallow a huge amout of damage or Hank drops his orbital on me hahaha


Oh that sucks then lol

I only play quick play cus I can’t stand the waiting times on Hunt 2.0 and it works every time for me


My build is as follows
Stage One:

Stage Two:

Stage Three:

Stage one is about doing small damage, killing wildlife quick, and being on the move.
Stage two is about getting in some damage, but not going for the win. Focus the medic down and try to kill the Support or Trapper.
Stage three is where you finish it off. Do as much damage as possible and kill.


How about charge? Do you think that one is useless? I know alot of people do. What perk do you go for? :slightly_smiling:


I don’t think it’s useless, it’s just not useful for this build. Perk? Depends on the map. I usually run damage or traversal. Feeding speed is a good one as well.


Yeah I only go there when I want to mess around a bit or practise on a combo, otherwise I don’t like it because I hate getting defend and when everyone has ‘‘prefer monster’’ it’s useless xD And i feel sorry for the new players who gets to play against high rank monsters haha…


My build is:
Perk: Cooldown Reduction

Stage 1 - To get distance and have 3 abilities in case you get domed
1 Fire Breath
1 Leap Smash
1 Charge

Stage 2 - Somehow works me wonders, good against wildlife when feeding
3 Fire Breath
1 Leap Smash
1 Charge
1 Rock Throw

Stage 3 - Obviously going for the win
3 Fire Breath
2 Leap Smash
1 Charge
3 Rock Throw


Alright! But when you throw a rock, do you throw it at the direction where you think they will dodge or straight at them?


Depends on distance and height. If they’re close, just throw it at them. If they’re far away, guess and predict movement. Try to use other abilities to make them use Jetpack so they can’t dodge the Rock.


Movement prediction, gotta predict were he’s gonna go and throw it unless you can aim right at him when he’s in the air.


Omg this is almost the build I go for with him, I like it but I can never get enough damage with it. Perhaps because I cannot aim RT.


You could practice your RT’s on Solo to get an idea of the travel speed etc. I’m pretty sure that’s what I did to start with because I kept missing.


OK! So 3 points in RT is a must?


To be blunt, the difference between a good goliath and a bad goliath is that a good goliath lands a majority of his abilities and combos. Also knowing when/where to engage and disengage is very important but generally that’s true for any monster.

Stage 1 1CH 1LS 1FB or 2 LS 1 FB

Stage 2 2LS 2 RT 1 FB 1 CH

Stage 3 3 LS 3 RT 2 FB 1 CH

It really depends on who is on the team though. Lazarus or a team with hella deployables? Go 3 FB. Lost too much health on the stage 1 engage and you wanna flee a Stage 2 engage? Go 3 CH

Also the best up u can give you for being a beginner Goliath is go Meteor Goliath… His AOE’s are bigger and more forgiving and his burn damage allows you to be a little less effective with your combos


For this, yeah. It’s your highest damage ability. If you can do damage with LS and FB, get them to use Jetpack, then just finish them with a rock, you’re golden.


My build is:
Perk: Damage / Feed speed

Stage 1 - more aggressive play style
1 Fire Breath
1 Leap Smash
1 rock throw

Stage 2 - Sneak attack time / engagements
1 Fire Breath
2 Leap Smash
1 Charge
2 Rock Throw

Stage 3 -
2 Fire Breath
3 Leap Smash
1 Charge
3 Rock Throw

This play style is more aggressive, works better for early engagements as well in case S1 dome and S2 sneak attacks, it’s all about choosing your location they cant kite you easily, knowing the right combos like Leap smash, sneak pounce, Charge or rock throw / leapsmash then sneak pounce and charge ect…


I’ve been playing MG and I thought I liked him more than the original. But I do not, I’ve compared them and I like Goliath’s instant damage instead of MG DOT damage. Around a month ago I was on hunt, found a game, picked MG just because I felt like it. The hunters went to the power relay at my stage 2 and guess what… It was on fusion plant and they jumped into that water place and ALL of my damage was taken away. I was dead meat, and since then I do not have the guts to use him anymore. But aiming his abilities is easier tho, I agree with you on that.