Goliath Mains - Your Personal Playstyle


Just curious as to how people play their favorite Saurian/Simian Monster?

Mine is:

Stage one: 1 Fire Breath, 1 Charge, 1 Leap Smash
Stage two: 3 Fire Breath, 1 Charge, 2 Leap Smash
Stage three: 3 Fire Breath, 1 Charge, 3 Leap Smash, 2 Rock Throw

My thought process is find a roomy cave or similar area and feed around it after sneaking to get there. Hit stage 2 as hopefully (need to confirm this) birds don’t seem to come inside the caves, at least I’ve never had this happen. Do something to reveal yourself at stage 2 (scare birds, trip a sensor etc) and lure the hunters to the cave. They now have the choice of fighting you with much less mobility in an unfriendly jetpack environment, or waiting you out whilst you feed doing no damage to you before stage 3. The reason I favor fire breath over leap smash or rock throw is down to the narrow field of vision tunnels/caves grant, which means there’s less room to avoid the flames or dodge charge (used mostly to interrupt/stun lock targets) rock throw is also something that isn’t overly useful or needed up close, as a 1 point rock throw doesn’t feel as useful as 2 points in leap smash to knock back pesky Lazarus players.

I enjoy this more as, from my experience as a hunter, Goliaths that simply run around the map at high speed and rush stage 3 are boring and like no challenge. So I’ll happily fight stage 2 when we are evenly matched. Just come over to this dark cave…


Stage one, go 2 in Leap Smash and one in flame. Good for farming and extra mobility. Just rush Stage two- then take all three in Rock Throw and get some strikes. :slight_smile:


Stage one: 2 fire breath, 1 charge
Stage two: 2 fire breath, 1 charge, 2 leap smash, 1 rock throw
Stage three: 3 fire breath, 1 charge, 3 leap smash, 2 rock throw

At stage one all I do is sneak, and run when I’m close to being caught. Stage 2, once my evolve meter is half full, I try to ambush the hunters and get some strikes in. If I’m somewhere the terrain is advantageous, then cool, otherwise I’m not picky. I’ve tried the “non-sneaky” approach to Goliath, and fail every time, whereas I do great with it as Kraken. Oh well.


It’s typically the new players who do the “run to opposite side of map and never stop” method. It works until they fight better hunters since you can see they don’t know how to pattern their attacks (why would they know, they don’t fight until stage 3 most games!)

It’s also very boring and Wraith-like to do. With Kraken and Behemoth I somewhat understand it since they have a harder time sneaking, or simply have better mobility options. I also think they have a harder time if caught stage 1 vs Wraith or Goliath since they like to be in the open with their flight or roll.


Goliath is my go-to Monster, and I typically try to sneak, ideally evolve to Stage 2 uncontested, and get in a fight that decides the game shortly after.

Damage Perk

I’m a crazy Goliath with my skill build, I love potential two-shot combos and hate shields:

Stage 1 - 3 Rock Throw

Stage 2 - 3 Leap Smash

Stage 3 - 3 Charge

Its probably optimal to take at least one point in Leap Smash and Charge though for the extra mobility.


That build is asking for some Markov counters. : /


Stage 1: 1 Fire, Rock & Leap Smash
Stage 2: 1 Fire, 2 Rock, 3 Smash (I end it most of the time at this point with no armor)
Stage 3: 3 Fire, Rock & Smash (Stage 3 only when I lost a Hunter, like support, or I couldn’t finish it on 2)

I play most of the time like an idiot. Rounds are mostly ended between 4-6 Minutes, very rarely that I get 10 Minutes


Stage 1 - 3 rock throw
Stage 2/3 - mix of the other abilities
Only failed me one time, when I went for a dropship victory. It lets me out burst caira’s healing and get downs at stage 1 so I can get an evolve. I don’t like firebreath that much since it isn’t as bursty and not that many people play markov anymore. Charge/Leapsmash are good, but as I have a more sneaky playstyle, they wouldn’t get used to their full potential


I just wing it, loose cannon yo, might attack at stage 1, may not see me till stage 3, might just sneak off to a corner and admire Goliaths muscles for a bit.
Abilitywise, I take 1 fire, 1 charge, 1 leap smash, enough sustain for a stage 1 brawl, mobile enough in case you wanna run around a lot.
Then at S2, slam all 3 into Rock Throw, dat burst damage aint nuttin to mess with.
S3 I usually go 3 fire, 2 leap smash, helps counter Maggie/Markov/Bucket/Sunny, and thats all I ever see, so, yeah.
Oh, and either feed speed perk or dablage increase, makes him scurry fast or scurry stronk, either works for me


Lately I’ve followed this build:

Stage 1: 3 Rock Throw
Stage 2: 3 Rock Throw, 1 Fire Breath, 2 Charge
Stage 3: 3 Rock Throw, 3 Fire Breath, 3 Charge

At first I thought 3 RT at stage 1 would be a burden, but its just as quick as FB in the end and helps take down elite wildlife much better (with looming buffs this may be vital.) I’ve also found that 3 RT is fantastic for stage 1 domes since it hits so hard that it gives a bit more breathing room and may even get you a strike or two.

So, I like to play sneaky aggressive. I find that luring hunters isn’t in my favor as they come in swinging. So I like to fast-feed and gain attention, then stalk the rear of the group for the straggler; or, if they’re good at the chase, I take advantage of the fact that somebody is leading the pack and get a good first strike (bonus points if its the medic.) I used to do 3 Charge instead of 1 FB + Charge, but you’ll quickly find out that supports/Laz become a nightmare and Markov (and Maggie) become almost impossible to counter.

So, no leap smash, yes? I’ve never had good luck with this. I’ve ran with it in so many different builds on all maps and I just can’t seem to get consistency out of it and good hunters were dodging it left & right anyways.


Stage One - 1 Leap, 1 Fire, 1 Charge
Stage Two - 3 Rock
Final - 3 Rock, 3 Leap, 2 Fire, 1 Charge

I prefer to stay hidden as much as possible in stage one. At stage two I armor up and set an attack up. I’m up to 22 or 23 worldwide. Think I am #1 WW this month on Xbone using this build. Only lost a couple times, once on the Mine map and once last night against an annoying Sunny team. Glitchy ass rocks and leap smashes that don’t register half the time make her already too strong shields even harder to take down. Can’t wait for the nerf.

I will sometimes mix it up and use 1 Rock on stage one instead of Leap if it’s a map with a damage increase buff and I’ll try to get a stage 1 win.

I always use damage reduction as my perk. Seems required with Goliath with these T4 hunters and his glitchy attacks/movement.


The biggest setback by far is a Hank or Sunny among the Hunters - makes focusing far more difficult.


Stage 1 - 1 Charge, 2 Fire Breath.
Stage 2 - 1 Charge, 2 Fire Breath, 3 Rock Throw.
Stage 3 - Either 2 Charge, 2 Fire Breath, 3 Rock Throw, and 2 Leap Smash OR 1 Charge, 3 Fire Breath, 3 Rock Throw, and 2 Leap Smash.
Damage increase perk. 15% doesn’t sound like a lot, but when it comes to ALMOST downing someone or ACTUALLY downing them, it changes the whole game.

If the enemy team has a Laz or a Slim, I take the second build. I’m not as worried about needing burst to break somebody, and the stronger fire breath makes finding Laz and Slim way easier.

I sneak in random directions at the start against any trapper but Maggie. If it’s a Maggie, I run in a direction that allows me to be creative with an escape so I don’t let them have a guaranteed dome. Rush to Stage 2, usually get it within 3 minutes. Do a lot of target switching to try and keep command of the fight and keep them guessing (except for Caira, just murder the Caira). Use my armor as a resource to trade for strikes, while always keeping track of whether or not I can win a fight if I spend a little health. Play on the safe side with health; you usually can’t get it back, so it’s ridiculously valuable, whereas armor comes and goes.

I usually win at stage 2 like this, and I’ve got something like a 40:1 W/L. Frankly, the only character I struggle to deal with is Hank - not even Sunny bugs me like Hank does. The shield drone isn’t even worth killing if you just play around it, and I have yet to see one really handle the jetpack boost well enough for it to be a problem. But defensive Hanks always make me struggle a little. Tips on that?


Perk depends on map for me
Stage 1 - 2 Leap Smash, 1 Charge
Stage 2 - 3 Rock Throw
Stage 3 (Depends on enemy Team) - 3 leap smash 2 fire or 2 leap smash and 3 Fire

I just rush without sneaking to my “happy meal” and after I got it I just sneak to another spot to get some food and evolve.
Rest is standard get some amor on stage 2 and then smack them as long as you have amor left. Stage 3 finish them off if needed. (most of the Time I win with stage 2 and Im one of this guys who use leap smash and charge to run away)


I change up the skills depending on the hunters. I always try to trick the hunters into fighting on my terms. intelligence wins games I find, more than anything.


Stage 1: 2 Flame, 1 Leap
Stage 2: 3 flame, 2 leap, 1 rock
Stage 3, 3 flame, 3 leap, 2 rock, 1 charge.

Stage 1 I play it safe. Normally I get to stage 2 without any problems. If I get domed I play it poke-aggressive. Go in and damage one or multiple people and then move.

All-in-all I play extremely mobile. Never in the same place. Hence why I don’t think Torvald is that good. Caves are good, places with lots of ledges and elevation are go-to fight areas. Down the trapper when the dome goes down so I can leave as I please then attack the others. Normally the game will end here or I will flee for armor when I’m low.


I like this build

Stage 1: 2 Fire Breath, 1 Charge
Stage 2: 3 Rock Throw
Stage 3: 2 Leap Smash, top off Fire Breath

At the start I will sneak around (depending in the trapper choice) till I get to stage 2.

At stage 2 I will armor up and fill at least 3/4 of my evolve meter. Then I will find and lead the hunters into an unfavorable fighting area (mostly where a tyrant is). Most matches end here.

If I can’t end the match or lose too much health I will retreat and eat to stage 3. Then I close out the match at the generator.

A great combo I like to use is charge and separate, then flame breath.


S1 - 1 Flame, 1 Leap, 1 Charge
S2 - 1 Rock, 2 Flame, 2 Leap, 1 Charge
S3 - 2 Rock, 2 Flame, 3 Leap, 2 Charge.

Use flame breath to rack up food fast, leap smash and charge for extra skedaddling. When in Stage 2 I prep myself for a fight. Leap Smash helps out a bit and Flame is good for blinding people in glorious HD graphics. Rock just because you can’t stop it. Charge for bursting, ambush, or getting away. S3 is focused on being rounded. Everything is good, Leap Smash is exceptionally so.


3 LS

3 C

3 RT

That’s my setup, at least.


Bucket, Maggie and Markov would like a word with you