Goliath looks...friendly


Am I the only one that thinks Goliath looks less fearsome than friendly?

I spend a lot of time playing with Goliath, and because of that usually when I start up the game I am greeted by the Goliath menu screen. He doesn’t seem angry or vicious, just happy to see you. Like a big lizard-ape pet dog. I imagine if we saw his lower body on this screen that he would be happily wagging his tail.

Now when I log in I catch myself saying, “Hey buddy!” when I see Goliath.

P.S. I got some footage of Goliath I believe at stage 2 last night in the cave near the tyrant on fusion plant. Gave me a nice up close picture of Goliath while I waited for the hunters to realize I fell in the hole when they orbital barraged themselves. All I could say was “d’awww what a good boy.”


I agree. Except for that wierd ice cream cone shaped tongue. That thing is freaky.


Haha I was wondering the purpose of his oddly shaped tongue earlier myself.


yea, cause modeler forgot caine tooth.

The original version is better


Haha don’t get me wrong, I love Goliath’s current look.

Something tells me his friendliness was done on purpose to allow people to better relate to the introductory monster, and thus instill a desire in the players to continue to play the evil role in the game.


The modeler forgot nothing. This is an earlier concept of Goliath.
It’s mouth was altered to look gnarled and worn, lacking several teeth, and predator style mandibles were a part of the final design.


I think the same. In fact, I’ve gone so far as calling stage 1 goliath “baby goliath” just because of how cute he is.


TRS twitter said Goliath helps children crosses the road in his spare down. He is a nice guy,
Inside, the only reason he’s angry was he’s getring shot at and i think thats quiet a reasonable thing to be pissed off about. The hunter should just chill with him and have a cookout to squash their beef, cos Goliath ain’t complaining about Hank’s eels looking like they still alive on the barbie.

The goliath 's design is also inspired by one of the most iconic yet misunderstood monster, king Kong. So there’s that to look into too.


Absolutely, there needs to be a terrifying grotesque monster one day, we need to bring some fear to the hunt!