Goliath Leap Smash buggy (Confirmed fixed in TU9)


Out of curiosity, I still occur frequently a Leap Smash bug with Goliath. Here’s an example from one of @deanimate’s videos: https://youtu.be/vAerct13Njw?t=507

I was wondering if this will be fixed in the next title update? @GentlemanSquirl


From my experience it happens if you’re standing right on the very edge of something. Would be great if it’s cleared up.


This is fixed in the next update.


Thanks @TheMountainThatRoars. Maybe this could be merged in a thread with all the confirmed changes? (if there is any)


I think this is okay for now. If we get similar reports, we can direct them to this topic.


Am I the only one that thinks that bug is actually kinda cool? Especially when it lands.


Is it really fixed this time? It was already supposed to be fixed in a prior update.


Is less cool when you run from a fight only to see you just lost a couple of seconds and distance. :fearful:


Idk if you guys are aware of this or if it has been already talked about on here or bit, but quite often I hit rock throws that do 0 damage. Idk if this is a bug, or a latency error, but can you comment of this?