Goliath is learning the ropes


When I play Goliath I feel like a little bespectacled uncool kid in the schoolyard.
The big boys have their way with Goliath and steal his lunch money.

It is ridiculous. Playing Goliath doesnt feel empowering I get slapped across the snout with a large cold fish evey time.
Goliath usually gets sent home crying.

Theres a large gap between what I expected it to feel to play this hulking monster and what it actually DOES feel like.

Playing Goliath equals getting dwarfed on so many levels.
Sometimes he loses before I even pick up the gamepad.
I had matches against Goliath that didnt last a minute.

What the fuck?


Weird, I only feel this way with Kraken :confused:
With Goliath, I feel like a giant badass, smashing faces in with rocks, breathing fire, throwing people everywhere.
I love it


I feel Goliath is the most balanced monster.


Really? I would really like to believe that!
I would like to play Goliath but honestly I always get owned when I do
I have 100 hours of gameplay and 1 win with Goliath.

Usually I invest all 3 points into fire breath, but still i find it hard to aim and close the distance between hunters.
Maybe Im doing something wrong.

I also think that his constant grunting when using the leap button is extremely easy to locate.
I always seem to habe the whole hunter pack come down on me after minutes and hardly ever make it past some minutes with Goliath


are you on console? and try to start 2 rock throw one leap smash its pretty decent for early engages in case you get caught so if you see someone on half health because of some wildlife you just hit them with a rock and smash ontop of them and jump away and bam strike at stage 1 also leap smash gives more mobility and helps you kill creatures so i would say its a must have stage 1


I only have like 10 losses with Goliath and 70 wins, but that is all my pub games. I wouldn’t take 3 points into fire breath. I find Goliath the easiest monster to play no real weakness, but I wouldn’t say he is amazing at anything he is just above average on most things. I don’t know how you could only have one win with Goliath guess he just isn’t your monster.


yeah Im on xbox one and sometimes i think the controls arent entirely up to sniff

thanks for the tip I didnt know rock throw and leap smash were essential.

the only monster I can win with is Kraken and I guess thats not saying much since there seems to be pretty much of an agreement that he is hopelessly OP as is


yeah I either over- or undercommit and this moment of hesitation sort of is enough with Goliath to lose any fight.
With Wraith for example its clear that you have to overcommit because she doesnt have a lot of health and with Kraken this question is mute bacause hes just towering in the air anyways and behemoth can aleways just show disinterest because he can lazily roll away from any fight without taking too much damage.
Only with Goliath its never so clear, because he’s sort of an inbetweener in terms of health and how much he can take

maybe i should go all in more often


Can you tell me what your usual builds and strategies are? <ha, I knew I spelt it wrong. Why do I do this? Iunno


I only play Goliath, feels really balanced. It’s not even fun using kraken or the wraith.


Maybe just try a new build and you may do better. I really think the 3 fire breath is holding you back. I don’t like taking 3 points into anything at stage 1.


i pick the damage perk and then put 3 skill points into fire breath.
i usually try to feed up to stage 2 but well i mostly get caught before i can evolve. And when i get spotted i hesitate and the dome comes up and the words “headless” and “chicken” come to mind simultaneously and i try to run/hide and lose some health in the process and then i decide to go all in and try to get a strike on the medic but he/she mostly outheals my fire breath/melee and then i lose focus and panic and start slashing / breathe fire at them at random and then, well i have to call it a day.
Sometimes i actually do get a strike but at the loss of so much health i cant seem to survive the next encounter.

So thats that

and i blame the illuminati mostly, just so you know

  1. At Stage 1, just keep calm, and focus on mobility.
    Climb everything, jump across gaps, and always always always keep assault off your ass.

This will mitigate all damage you take, making your life a whole lot easier.

  1. At Stage 1, I recommend 2 Fire breathe, 1 charge.
    Fire breathe is a fantastic food farming tool, and Charge gives you excellent mobilty options.
    I recommend playing a couple rounds of solo to get familiarized with each map, and its nice practicing running with Charge since it can get a little tricky to aim when you get all stressed out while running.

  2. I actually use the Damage perk as well, but thats because I am confident in my mobility skills, but if you find yourself getting caught too frequently, both movement speed and traversal recharge are excellent choices.

  3. Never hesitate.
    You either go in and fight till armor is gone, or you run the dome out.
    Hesitation gets you killed.

It takes some practice, cuz yeah, its a bit harder relying on only yourself, but after awhile, Goliath is studly man, hes my Goto guy, and damn is he fun.

I got my eye on you >_>


You are hindering your stage one mobility by putting three points in fire breath. That’s not an ideal ability to max out stage one. Try 1 leap smash, one charge, and one fire if you plan to do a lot of running, which is stage one generally is a lot running. If you want more damage, then do 1 rock, one leap. one charge. If you want even more damage, you could go 2 rock and 1 in leap or charge… Pretty much you want the most traversal possible. Leap and charge can be used when traversal stamina is charging. Don’t panic when you see hunters. Just spam sniff and spot the trapper. Once you do, go in the opposite direction. If you get domed, just hide behind something, and when the assault goes for you, leap to the opposite side and again. If you constantly move and hide you can mitigate damage taken. If you have problems evolving, just get domed on purpose, dome run, and once the dome gets down, get away as far you can within a few seconds and evolve. a few hunter might to some damage when you get out of the evolve, but if you evolved fast enough from the drop of the first dome, the next dome should be on cooldown, so you should be able to flee and armor up. It’s better to take a little damage and be able to flee, then postpone an evolution and get domed with no armor once you do evolve, because you take a lot more damage. I really just think what’s killing your goliath play is that stage one build, and panicking. It’s on;y a video game. No need to panic. ha.


i think you really understand me you know

Weird, I only feel this way with Kraken :confused:
With Goliath, I feel like a giant badass, smashing faces in with rocks, breathing fire, throwing people everywhere.
I love it


Goliath’s are usually easy to kill, because people don’t handle their leaps well. When they get domed, they over commit. That gives us the time to take out quite a bit of their health. Even though they’re at stage 1, they believe they can kill someone like the Kraken does… They often end up missing rocks, leaps, etc.


you talking about me because i dont get domed at stage 1


I’m talking about the average Goliath’s I end up facing.


im not in that average just saiyan


I never claimed you were, nor did I imply it.