Goliath is destoryed by mornic bugs and broken animation


First of all, great game. but there are game breaking issues developers must look at or at least investigate.

so unlocked all 3 monsters, good at them all. I still find goliath my favorite monster to play. but compare to other 2 monsters, goliath is totally broken at current state.
(judging from ps4 version.)

  1. feeding bug is the most annoying of all. there’s 30-50% chance your first time feeding when press down L2 will get interrupted at 10% for no reason, you will have to press L2 again to resume. in an intense game like Evolve, every second matters, this is unacceptably unfair when against good hunters and totally game breaking.

  2. Goliath broken animation, sneak attack delay cause miss on prey far more frequent than karven and wriath, the feeding process of goliath is most annoying and frustrting due to these bugs.

  3. freezing in the mid air against a wall when jump got slowed and when you tag the climb animation, it may not look apparent when you fight level 1 hunters, but once you fight lvl 2-3 hunters of any class, whenwcwe you got slowed in a jump and doing the climb animation, you got freezing when press climb near a wall.

These are real issues I’ve experience during my PS4’s play time, please, make goliath a fun monster to play again by fixing these annoying issues.


That feeding bug is so annoying. Happens to me almost every time I try to eat something.


That’s true. Goliath has plenty more bugs though, such as:

Getting stuck on a climbable wall.
Rock hitting something that’s not in its way.
Rock disappears when you throw it without hitting anything.
Jumps sometimes glitch and use a charge but Goliath just twitches and doesn’t jump.
Leap will often land where it wasn’t aimed.
Fire breath often does no damage if the target is too close.
Charge does not hit a player if they are in the air(even though they jump right before you hit them, they just go through Goliath).
Melee attacks don’t hit even though hunters are in range.

Even though Wraith is my main monster, I like playing Goliath a bit more, simply due to his ‘Goliath smash!’ mechanics. Extremely fun to play, but really buggy.


Never experienced any of these with 140 hours in the beta, alpha and retail game. The feeding one yes, but nowhere near 30-50% chance. So I’m inclined to believe it’s a PS4 thing, because nobody on Xbone or PC has reported these in a while.