Goliath is clunky as hell


I’ve been getting up there in ladder with monster and started to enjoy hunters that give me a fight instead of tipping over. However tight plays are bringing out allot of annoyances for me in Goliath. he has huge tells, unresponsive skills that have little synergy (one could argue that lack of synergy makes sense on him tho) and he showcases clunky movement around the ledges that other two monsters can avoid with their stamina skills.

I imagine Goliath to be a fierce pile of hurt that keeps hurting, but he plays more like an all out tank where hunters can spread out and dance around him with no problems by jumping up and down ledges, and leave our poor puppy running back and forth from one end to other. Leave this game play for upcoming behemoth monster as he seems to be equipped with skills to deal with it.

I would like to see Goliath not so much buffed in stats but streamlined in gameplay, which in turn might call for nerfs in stats.

  • let fire breathing work more like banshee mines, where i get charges of it instead of blowing the whole barrel all at once.

  • increase movement speed while holding the rock above his head significantly

  • reduce the hit box of the rock so that it actually travels and hits a thing i aimed at instead of some rock on the way there.

  • let him jump backwards… I can do it why cant he?

  • make canceling the charge skill much more responsive

  • if Goliath aims his jump attack on the side of the ledge, let him actually hit that side of the ledge and then hang on to that side of the ledge instead of falling helpless and exposed to the ground.

  • give him allot more air control

-let him attack hunters in the air when he jumps up himself

in addition to this I feel all monsters need help around the ledges, Goliath just suffers from it more than others. I will make another post regarding this later.



I can’t believe how many times I used leap smash on a climbing hunter, only to have to climb all the way back up to continue beating them up!


I feel that the firebreath cooldown is so short it barely matters.

Frogs can’t jump backwards. Might also be so if you’re traversing a long distance you don’t get the benefit of seeing what’s chasing you or firebreathing behind you as you escape.

Cancelling charge can be kind of annoying I agree but it’s still like under a second of time we’re talking about. In addition, most of the times I want to cancel charge I have either missed the target, am about to charge off a ledge, am about to charge into a mine and in any of those situations I messed up so I should have to deal with that. Just like with jumping into birds is just tough shit for me.

He can do an overhand punch, if you jump up toward a midflight hunter you can definitely punch them down to the ground.

As for ledges and air control I feel like I fly through maps faster than I can with Kraken who is literally flying. Using the terrain with jumps and climbing you can move like crazy around.

I can see some of these points but I definitely wouldn’t go as far as to say clunky as hell.


I like the idea of jumping backwards but you need to make the animation viable, so he doesn’t look stupid. Maybe even making it so he can do a 180 spin to escape?


i can’t even play the goliath. i’ve won a few matches, but i don’t pick it anymore (pretty new). i’m a big kraken fan (ranked like 40 or 50 according to leaderboard), i don’t see any reason to want to play goliath because of how fun the kraken is.

it seems like he’s got no advantages when it comes to mobility. i’m aware he’s supposed to play aggressively, but often i find myself unable to evolve to stage two because i can’t get 9 seconds away from my enemy, situations where i’d otherwise just fly away and flank or warp blast off into the distance i can’t even break line of sight.

the only time i’ve seen a goliath really evade a full team is when he just hid in a bush like the ultimate legend.

i really hope that this game is not balanced around linear progression IE monster 1 is always worse than monster 2 is always worse than monster 3.

does this mean that behemoth is going to be worse than wraith for whining? and then i hate to think what the speculated “really small, fast, venemous snake” people have been hoping for will be like if that’s #5


It is understandable that you like kraken, he is the best balances monster right now I feel. This game is definatly balances around linear progression… well it might be right now LOL but not on purpose. I think the fact that you think goliath is not fun speaks great lengths about its state.


Frogs don’t stand on two legs, looking at goliath one can imagine him jumping back. Ledges and air control are fine when you want to move fast as you you dont tneed the control you do need in combat, combat is where these things really bother me. I guess I have to agree that hes not THAT clunky… but hes definitely an odd duck compared to other two monsters tho.


You can cancel the charge skill easily by pressing S (default key) i use to to quickly feed on thunder birds as it takes longer in stage 1-2 to melee them down for 3 meats.

Another thing Air control? are you talking about an unrealistic game where you can move to the side “AFTER you jump?”

Jump backwards, mmmm huge monster much smaller torso as far as anatomy goes, unknown gravity of the planet i’ll assume its similar to earths to a point and with that in mind its probably such a small distance i doubt it would get you out of an orbital, lets take this as we are accounting for “realistic terms”

Don’t reduce my rock throw hit box, you already stand still while using it and any good assault will either rely on his team mates to dodge or sheild and take the hit himself.

increase movement speed while holding rock "unknown weight of rock (maybe 500pounds?-1 Ton?) just use it when you dont need to move or they are walking around a corner and can’t see you. The movement speed “Realistically” would be null at best.

Fire breath idea not bad i like the idea of that

The ledge thing not sure what your talking about

There is a Jump attack that Knocks the hunters Down onto the ground so you can proceed to take advantage of the helpless little bunnies.


The frog thing was more just that some animals can’t just have the same effectiveness jumping back like they do if they’re built for forward. Humans can jump back sure but certainly not as well as backward.

Are you on PC or console? With mouse you can spin pretty quick, just hit jump and he just takes off without hesitation but it does take an extra second with a controller to full 180 so I can understand from that perspective (having played some on xbone before the pc beta).

I see where you’re coming from with air control. I usually don’t have problems and move fluidly but there are the times where you are moving in an awkward angle and completely don’t move or land how you intended.


yes I I am totally calling for unrealistic game where you can control yourself after you jump :smiley: Lets just say that this is there to make up for the fact that this is not a real world and its hard for player to jump exactly where he want to with mouse or keyboard. And there are ways to make it look realistic enough in game that it will not ruin immersion at all as long as you don’t take it too far like some games.

Think of it as sacrifice of reality for fun… because game. Put it in the same bucket where ripping out rock out of the ground where there was no rock at all bucket.


I agree that Goliath can be harder to use in ledge situations, but an adaptation of strategy is what is needed, not a buff (at least not yet). I just had a match where the Trapper was my focus so that I could get out of dome quickly. He would jump off the edge whenever I climbed up, and then when I jumped down to crush him at the bottom, he would be jetpacking back up already. After a couple times of this happening, I jumped to another spot with a clear view of him and threw a massive boulder in his back as he was jetpacking up.

This is the reason it is highly valuable to not neglect any of your skills - you need them for different situations and against different strategies.