Goliath is bugged


I get to lv 3, and then my character starts flying across the map. I lost the match because of this, I almost had cabot dead twice, but each time i would get him, and sometimes other hunters low, my character would start bouncing around the map.

Oh, and is it intended to not be able to destroy power relay when youre taking damage? I couldnt win the match because not only could i not get to the hunters reliably due to the bug, but I couldnt destroy the power relay because it wouldnt let me.

While im at it, can smell detect hunters that are stealth or is there any way to detect hunters that are stealth, i was spamming smell and i couldnt see any indication of where they were, i thought i’ve heard that there is a way to detect their footprints or something


im running into a bug too where i start gliding across the level.

the physics systems messes up when it moves collision of the monster when doing climbing/feeding because it auto rotates the model.

thats just a guess though from the little physics engine coding ive done.


For the first one, it sounds like a weird but but I doubt it’s exclusive to Goliath. It sounds like a weird latency/position issue.

When you take damage it disables you’re attacking the relay. Basically lets the hunters have clutch plays and the monster not just tank up damage for a win.

You can see the jets from a flying hunter, and you can also smell his footprints. You’ll hear a hitsound if you slap them, and you can crouch attack them blindly.



It is intentional that a Monster can’t attack the relay or feed while being damaged.