Goliath Infographic


Some info on Goliath came out, and while it’s really awesome it’s also really… odd.

Most of this makes sense, Goliath is 22 feet tall. A bit short for my tastes, but still big compared to a man. He weighs just over a killer whale, seems a bit over the top but that’s fine.

But then there’s the rest of it.

  1. How is Goliath’s jaw strength possibly that powerful?! And if it was, why not just grab the hunters and bite them in half, saves a lot of trouble. This is more feasible than the others, but just the same it seems strange that an animal with such a short mouth can have that raw power.

  2. Goliath’s leap smash is said to be able to go 52 feet in front of him, or 8x that of a kangaroo. However, 52/8=6.5, and kangaroos have been measured jumping 6-7 meters, not feet. And I’m quite certain that this isn’t a meters/feet screw up.

  3. I don’t even know where to start with the fire bit. Unless they drastically changed the range the breath has, max is something like 18 feet, not 82! Unless i’m misunderstanding it.

  4. The entirety of the rock throw one confuses me. I don’t think the rock can be thrown nearly that far, and if the average pine tread is 50 feet why is the one shown more than double that, even though if we copy and paste goliath the tree is just around that size.

I love the info stuff but this just seems off to me. Am I crazy?


The picture is not showing?


I need this as a poster! :smile:


Fun infographic! I will have to keep it in mind in the questionably legal, top secret genetics lab …I mean while playing the game.


Dude. xD It’s just fun little info, why do you have to pick at it?


thanks for the post and you’re right about the fallacies in the infographic…but i was reminded of mystery science theater 3000’s theme song when i was reading your post…
"If you’re wondering how he eats and breathes
And other science facts,
Then repeat to yourself, “It’s just a show
I should really just relax” :smile:



Lol, all the hunters stacked up on top of eachother are almost as tall as the Goliath. Now that would be hilarious to see ingame!


I remember back in the day when playing Counterstrike we would sometimes do something goofy like this.


New game mode:

“Shoulder Wars” -

Each Hunter player is stacked on top of each other while there are the three Monster players also stacked on top of one and another, using co-operation they have to knock each other off by pushing with the left/right mouse clicks (or controller bumpers) for either hand. Once knocked off, the Hunter and/or Monster cannot use any skills, attack or maneuver around as much. Once ALL of the Hunters/Monsters are knocked off, all skills and attacks are enabled for the winning team and get to lay waste into the losing side while they run for it!


From the picture, that is the size of a stage 1 Goliath…so he gets bigger lol!


I should point out that seems to be a stage 2 goliath. Stage 3 is confirmed as being around 35 feet I believe


Well now they have to make one of these for Kraken. Have fun explaining his flight and lightning strike devs.


Use the same Rock Throw tree as a victim of the Lightning Strike skill :slight_smile:


I dont really get the perspective they measured Goliath in… is he standing on his toe?


Nope, just wearing high heels!


oh noes, my favorite monster cheated to look taller than the Hunter =O -
Man, i knew he would be an insane bloodthirsty monster, but i thought he would be a HONEST insane bloodthirsty monster T_T
Goliath, i trusted you, and you failed me =(


It’s a giant alien monster no explanations are needed. Quit trying to dissect it so much.


Like how Val’s Heal Gun works…

Don’t question it, it’s the future.


MedGun such science!