Goliath has too many counters


I’ve just played a game with goliath in hope to help in achieve the community event.

But I have given up on that now as to the fact that i keep running into one trapper that breaks me… Jack

Im not the best monster ever but the one problem that this one hunter can stop Two of my abilities and my traversal.

But there are other combination that seem to ruin Goliath such as the oh so imfamous Val/Sunny
Hank/Jack ect…

Im just hoping they adress the Goliath having this problem


Goliath is the second strongest monster currently after Kraken …

The best player on x1 is jersy and he mains Goliath

Wraith can be countered for her all abilities by Jack
Wraith is pretty weak against stasis

Kraken - behemoth - gorgon

All monsters can be countered by all trappers

My advice would be

Watching gold monsters in twitch and learn from them


I’ve tried that, i’m on ps4, as i said i’m simply not that good, but me and my team usually break alot of good goliaths too


My only advice is to avoid him or focus him. Currently, of all the Hunters, I hate Jack the most. Simply because his CC is easily the most useful. Open with a Rock Throw and follow with Flame Breath or Charge. Stay on him if you can. If you don’t want to focus him, waste the hell out of his Repulsors whenever he fires them. Intentionally jump into them. It may burn a traversal, but it should entirely drain his battery, leaving it useless. This way, you’re free to do whatever and he won’t stop you.




also true

this really doesn’t mean anything. the reason allot of ppl think bmoth is OP on console is because of one guy that wrecks face with him


yeah pretty much any one who has something that slows you down


Some of the people I’ve been running with seem to think that Goliath is an ‘easy out’. I personally disagree, and I think that Goliath when played right is near Kraken in strength. [quote=“Lmk, post:2, topic:81597”]
Watching gold monsters in twitch and learn from them

^This^ :smiley_cat:


I’m sorry I main Goliath as monster and jack as trapper. And jack is a bitch 1/2 to counter. I can’t even counter jack sometimes. I’m only a sliver master​:wink::wink:with Goliath as my main


I’m not awsome but, I say sneak is goliath best tactic.


That doesn’t mean anything.


The moment you see jack- Plan accordingly in your build. Jacks beam does nothing to stop flame breath and rock throws- This should influence where you spend your points.

His repulsors do nothing to prevent stealth pounces. Even while green-beamed, you have about a 30 meter bubble of mobility you can move that jack is utterly helpless to stop you in.

Use this and how his CC works to the best of your advantage when all possible. If you manage to pounce ontop of someone, or near them- jack beam or not, charge and leap will still hit them. Jack beams can actually help make these abilities land when they otherwise would not have- And I have seen a handfull of good goliaths who are painfully aware of this fact. They will get close and leap smash while greenbeamed, which holds them in place and makes them land against quite quickly- Right on top of the helpless shmo beneath their feet.

One other thing to keep in mind is how jacks repulsors work, in comparison to say griffin harpoons. His CC is “bursty” in nature. Try and suck it up and just save your abilities/traversals- Once the beam comes out, blast everything. Youll instantly deplete his reserves, and will have some traversals/an ability or two (depending on what you used, and if he has capacity or not), while hes on a reasonable cooldown.

Jack is definitely tough against goliath, and when he runs capacity can definitely be overbearing, im not saying tips like these and others will solidly counter jack (again, especially when hes running capacity. he feels pretty fair IMO standard capacity) willy nilly- But they should at least help to some degree.



How exactly does that not mean anything? It makes sense if you want to play a character better, a good way to do that is to watch someone who plays it well.


Well, Goliath is a very simple monster

IMO, If its simple to play, then it should be simple to counter.


How does Goliath do against the annoying Sunny or Hank and Val, WL Maggie teams?


I’ve noticed that the Monster fights in this game are 50% positioning awareness, 25% good strategy (which hunter to attack) and 25% good aiming and pure skill.

You need to fight when you want and where you want, need to “trick” the trapper to get you a dome in a place that is favorable to you, or that you choose because you attacked them instead of being chased.
If they are hurting you more than you are hurting them, turn around and move to a better position (behind a rock, over a rock, circle the loop, whatever).

So, the average Jack can protect himself with the repulsor, this is not a big deal unless you want to kill him to flee the dome because you are being punished. If that happens, try to endure and deplete his batteries and fire or rock in his face.
Jack can also be in front or diagonal to a good team member and can repulse you from killing him, or good Jacks can only use repulsor when you jump, to stop the jump but not drain batteries… this is way harder to counter, you will need to change direction, to make it look like you are retreating, and then turn around and try to get him by surprise when he changed to pistols.
If this happens, the only way to attack is to avoid damage and jump or move until you can get yourself in position with jack behind you and your hunter of choice in front or side.

For me, the only way to win vs hunters who know what they are doing is to try to avoid damage while searching for an opening, and to do that you need to have the terrain advantage.
You can’t kill medic if sunny drone is shielding and sunny is giving jetpack, and you can’t kill support when medic is healing, even if they are against the wall and you are using all your cooldowns on them, they can overheal and overprotect your damage
But if you have terrain advantage to move around, and you move trying to avoid assault dps and bad positions, and they chase you behind the pillar, and then you surprise by comming back and jump to that hunter and hit him away from sunny drone or medic ray, then is when you can deal damage and kill, or that hunter will try to flee away and not do his job, and then you can change objectives and go for a down.

Griffin can harpoon you and prevent to move away from him, but if you change and move towards the harpoon he is helpless. One hulk smash in his face and he will abandon his idea and jetpack to safety
Jack is opposite, the beam is directional and prevents one direction, so change your direction, change position, climb or move to a better position, and then try to go back to your original objective.
Also, rock throw and fire, only a handful of Jacks would be able to dodge a rock while still pushing you.


He can deal with hank, sunny breaks him like jack, and he really struggles with val


Oh dear, another Goliath complaining thread. I can always relate.

~Puts hands together~

Aye. Goliath is countered by pretty much every Hunter.
As I have noted in earlier threads (Evolve Anonymous perhaps?), the other Monsters all have fairly strong resistances against particular Hunters. Playing Lennox against a Kraken or Wraith is just pure frustration for example.

Goliath doesn’t have that. Markov works great against Kraken but Parnell is a bit weak against him.
With Goliath? The latter situation doesn’t exist. Parnell is weak against Kraken but is great against Goliath.
So following that logic, at least Markov should be ineffective… nope! Also a strong pick against Goliath.
I could go on like that for a while, but it’d basically involve me listing every single Hunter.

The sad truth that I concluded a while ago is that most Hunters are designed with primarily Goliath in mind.
Not saying that’s the absolute truth, but is has been my general experience.
Sure, a few balance patches here make sure there are at least some possible exceptions such as harpoons perhaps being slightly more effective than stasis against Goliath, but in general Goliath is no real counter to anything.

The Hunters have Sunny? Alright, I’ll pick Kraken.
Slim, you say? Let me just pick Wraith real quick.
Markov? Alright, Behemoth should make sure it’ll take them a while at least.

Goliath however doesn’t serve to be a counter to anything if you ask me. It comes down to general preference and the rare exception where you think you’ll be able to burst them down quickly, which admittedly is something Goliath is still really great at.

In general however… Urgh.
Val, Slim, Sunny, Maggie, Griffin, Jack, Parnell, Torvald, Lennox…
Those are definitely the worst if you ask me.


One person managing to win does not make balance.


Who said it was one person? My statement was a more general one, that I’ve seen plenty of capable Goliaths out there.


Sounds pretty unsubstantial and fluffy excuse to me. With that type of reasoning you could argue just about anything.