Goliath/Gorgon to strong after F2P update?


Hello TurtleRock and fellow players.

I only played a few games so far … but it seems a lvl 1 monster can easily kill all the Hunters with a few swipes. Especially the Gorgon seems way to strong.

I played Evolve since Beta and I have a ceratin feeling the monster is stronger now. Getting wiped completly in the first fight against a lvl 1 Monster seems kinda crazy comapred to what I know from pre-F2P.

Anyone else noticed something similar?



It’s possible that you’re playing against someone who has been playing for hundreds of hours and Gorgon is a monster that is very good at punishing unorganized and newer players.


Maybe. But before the F2P-Patch you would punish a lvl 1 Monster hard. It was risky to fight at that stage for the monster, since they would die fast to the Hunters. Since the Hunters should be stronger than the Monster at that level.

But the Monster has more health now and 4 instead of 3 skillpoints to begin with. While Hunters didn’t receive any major updates I would consider a “buff”.

Maybe TurtleRock overdid it a bit with that.

It’s still a Beta tho, So we’ll se where it goes.



well they did make it so that hunters can force the monster to fight at stage 1. Before monsters got domed in loops and ran for the minute the dome was up if they got domed at stage 1.


That’s correct. But since the monster now wins fights or at least deals a good amount of damage at stage one, it’s not really a disadvantage.

I got slaugthered by a lvl 1 Gorgon just recently. Skilled 3 Points in spit and one point in spider trap and she wrecked us good and fast.



Gorgon thrives on unorganized teams. If you constantly call out those spider traps and focus fire on the mimic you can leave her with only 2 skills.

Anyways monsters are easier to learn than hunters so give it some time I’m sure you’ll start winning soon